GP Russia: Vettel: “Not everything has gone as planned, but we’re not so bad”


The mechanical breakdowns, the
to add some strategic errors, and piloting, are
hampered by a Ferrari in these first races of the season. The
last chapter has been developed in Sochi, where Sebastian Vettel
and Kimi Räikkonen have seen the best result possible
vanished by different causes

In the case of German, the cause
a penalty of five places after detecting a break in the box
of changes, something that will complicate and a lot of any option to fight
for the victory. “Is
truth that is a little more difficult when you’re behind, because
overtaking is
possible, but you’re not going to let pass,
so you have to work hard to achieve it. It is true that
we have a penalty and we will leave behind, but we are more
fast cars
, so I think I have a good
opportunity to progress”

“¡Damn reporters, always pessimistic! Be a little optimistic, we only carry three runs

despite it all, Vettel tries to
be optimistic and hopes to make progress during the race, especially
thanks to the good pace that has been shown to have the Ferrari in those
conditions. “I Hope
that we have a good race because the car always goes pretty
well. The Saturdays tend to be a little bit more back than that to us
and also
on Sundays we have been a little bit more back of what we want,
but I hope that tomorrow we can do the right things”
, stated
before the press shifted to Russia, who asked for a little more
optimism in relation to Ferrari. “Damn
journalists, always pessimistic! Be a little optimistic, only
we have three races to go.
It is a journey a little bumpy and
not everything has gone as planned but, in general, does not seem to me that
we are so bad”
, said
the German.

In regards to Kimi Räikkönen, the
main problem was a riding error on the last
turn of the last lap, in which they might have
managed the first line. “the Whole weekend has been
complicated, for some reason. I suffered a lot to get a return
clean. In classification was better, but still had problems with
the front axle. Could have been second or third, but I lost
the control on the last corner of the last lap and I went out”
admitted to the Finnish.