GP Singapore: Ferrari believes that it is not wrong with the strategy of Räikkönen


One of the most controversial of the Singapore Grand Prix occurred in the last third of the race. Shortly after having passed to Lewis Hamilton on track Kimi Räikkönen occupied the third position, and was on his way to a podium this season. The go both with the same strategy, and after trimming a couple of seconds, Mercedes chose to stop in the pit lane at the british and riding superblandos to try to give chase to the Finnish with better tires.

Just one lap later, when it seemed that Räikkönen would continue non-stop until the end, the Finnish driver mimicked the maneuver of Hamilton, a decision that cost him his position to the Ferrari, as Hamilton came out ahead and took the third final position. The Italian team, “take the bait” of Mercedes to counteract the risky strategy with a stop to ensure that, while the turn-out of Hamilton sought in the third place.

however, in the breast of Ferrari it is believed that the strategy followed was the correct one, given that Räikkönen ended up with better pace than Hamilton, and even came to him in the last laps. So said his team manager Maurizio Arrivabene in later statements-to-career, arguing that the wear of the superblando would have been lethal:

“I Think the right decision was made. At that time, keep the superblando might have supposed an enormous degradation, and it would have been a great disaster. So we had to think in the opposite. we Take a decision based on our data, and now the task is to verify if our data were correct. Kimi has been very good today, has shown that it is not world champion for nothing, has been great in my opinion.”

The own Räikkönen, who had to settle with fourth position, not delved too much on the topic, highlighting the traffic that is found in several moments of the race and that his pace could have sought a position on the podium with the one that says not to conform.

We have to see what we could have done better. I managed to pass Lewis, I think you made a mistake in corner 7, and then we fought for a few corners. Unfortunately, we returned. Surely he could have come to the end, but it is very easy to say afterwards. Obviously, they have managed to get ahead of us again, so I lost the position. Couldn’t do much more at that time.

I Think that we were not so far from Red Bull and Lewis. We have had speed, but to a large part of the race we have been stuck behind them, and Nico had more speed than any of us. We gained a position, but that’s not really what we want. we Try to be in a position to win. A third or a quarter is not what we want“.