GP Singapore: Ferrari, with two more sets of ultrablandos that Mercedes in Singapore


The next Singapore Grand Prix will bring back the composite is more soft of the range of Pirelli: the ultrablando. And Ferrari has been the team that has wagered on him, along with Haas.

Mercedes, in contrast, has decided to choose two games less than ultrablandos that the house of Maranello, like Red Bull. Among the riders who are competing in world-title Lewis Hamilton has been somewhat more aggressive in its choice and will be available to the same games ultrablandos Nico Rosberg (7), but one more of superblandos (3) and one less soft (3).

The Spanish riders have taken out roads that are slightly different, opting Carlos Sainz by reducing the soft to a minimum, to be able to have four games of superblandos, while Fernando Alonso will be able to use two sets of soft, if you so wish.