GP Singapore: Hamilton, unknown in Singapore


Bad weekend for Lewis Hamilton, which was going from Singapore with eight points of disadvantage with Nico Rosberg in the World Championship of pilots. The british driver went well on this occasion and was placed third, but it soon became clear that he had the pace to fight for the victory and Kimi Räikkönen, would be his rival. “I have to give congratulations to Nico (Rosberg), has been a great week-end, it has conducted very well. I have to give you the congratulations for the victory”, acknowledged to the press shifted to Singapore.

Hamilton suffered throughout the race with the temperature of the brakes, something that prevented him from getting the most out of his Mercedes, seeing as Nico Rosberg and Daniel Ricciardo escaped.

“it’s Always special to Singapore, it is a weekend that has been a little delicate for me, but I’m happy to get on the podium again. Was suffering a lot with the brakes, because they were really hot and had to go slower. In addition, you had to control all the guys that were behind me, although I’ve managed to keep them under control. Later, in the second or third stop, I managed that everything was under control, but still had problems with the heat”.

The defense about Kimi Räikkönen was not easy, especially when on lap 32 Hamilton was long on a curve and was overtaken by the Ferrari. At that time, Mercedes decided to change strategy and ask Hamilton that exprimiera the car to the maximum in order to make one more stop and a last relay of 17 laps with superblandos. Finally it worked and Hamilton regained the third place.

Toto Wolff, for its part, has acknowledged that the weekend of Lewis has gone wrong from the beginning, but has no doubt of his recovery, and that the title will be decided in the last race.

“Started off the weekend with the left foot to not being able to do enough laps and then could not really check their settings and I was not happy with them. Made a good start, but it fired at the temperatures of the brakes, and took a while to solve this problem. I would not say that it was a pilot error, he just had a bad weekend. The two are very close in terms of performance. A weekend bad enough to lose your advantage, as has happened to Lewis. Is going to decide at the last moment”.