GP Singapore: McLaren, before the key moment of the season


The greater part of the equipment of the grill has stopped or at least slowed down almost to a complete evolution for the remainder of the season, devoting the greater part of the resources to the single-seater in 2017.

But, in the case of McLaren, the team continues to develop the car this year and that, coupled with the nature of the circuits that come on the asian tour and american, causes the computer to have many hopes of getting impressive results here at the end of the year.

believe Eric Boullier, sports Director of McLaren, it confirms that the team will develop new parts for the rest of the season. “we Started the last ocean racing before the
end of the season and we marched to circuits that require a
set up technique of the car, with less dependence on the
power pure. despite spending the next few weeks far from the Kingdom
United, our development work continues and we continue to focus on
get performance improvements until the end of the season”

“we Continue to focus on improving until the end of the season”

Singapore demand very different things of the car. Unlike Spa and Monza, Marina Bay traction and mechanical grip is everything, losing a lot of importance to the power and aerodynamic efficiency. “it Will be interesting to see how they respond the tires
ultrablandos in the asphalt, bumpy characteristic of this circuit.
The strategy will be an important factor in the Great Prize of this
year, especially because of the unusual high chance of getting a
Safety Car. Although not we scored in Monza, we did see a performance
hopeful over the weekend, so we have the
hope of a greater opportunity to show how capable he is
our suite at the Singapore Grand Prix”.

Power controlled

Yusuke Hasegawa, project Manager of F1 to Honda, they also expect that the things, which already were in a way promising in Spa and Monza, will improve even more in Singapore. “The car set-up, you will have to change shape
drastically to fit the layout of the city, wayward Singapore,
so the team is already preparing. Our car has good
balance in braking, so that the nature of the path should
to be better adapted than the circuits above”

From the point of view of the motor, the power passes to a second plane, and becomes important to the recovery of energy and the delivery of power to avoid derrapajes in acceleration and an excess of degradation in the tyres. “Honda will work for the user-friendliness of the unit
power is adapted to the stops and sudden acceleration of the circuit, so that
the skills of our riders can shine along the end
week. We hope to find ourselves in a good position to score
and have a good race”.