GP Singapore: Mercedes puts on the skin of a lamb: “we are Not favorites in Singapore”


After a european tour is practically perfect, with the only black spot of the accident in Barcelona, Mercedes launches the second phase of asian recap by in which, for many, is the toebox of your shoe: the street circuit of Marina Bay, in Singapore.

After having won in 2014, Mercedes suffered an unusual and sudden lack of competitiveness in 2015. Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg ranked in third line to 1.5 seconds of the pole position obtained by the Ferrari of Sebastian Vettel, and in the race, none ended up on the podium: Rosberg was fourth, and the power unit forced Hamilton to quit mid-test.

For this reason, the German team ordered an investigation to clarify the causes of what happened in the circuit of Marina Bay. From the outside, pointed to the possibility that the humidity nightlife of Singapore, or the inability to transmit temperature to the tires, were the main causes. The team claims to have found the root of the problem, but as stated by Toto Wolff, they do not have them all with you.

“We have a big challenge to face. No team has achieved a one-two here, and for good reason. As we have seen before, is a race where a single problem may trigger many more as the weekend progresses. We have to optimize everything to get a solid result”.

“we didn’t do that last year and, although we believe that we understand why, only the performance on the track can prove if our conclusions are correct. We are curious to see what will happen. In this circuit, Ferrari was awesome last year, and fits in with the philosophy of high downforce of the Red Bull. we must Not make the mistake of thinking that we are favourites this weekend“.

For their part, the pilots have taken up the message that Mercedes wants to convey. As he says Lewis Hamilton, other teams, namely Red Bull and Ferrari, could be in the fight for the victory, something that rarely has happened this season:

“last year we had the best weekend here, so hopefully we overcome. I guess we will know in a few days. Anyway, will not be a walk. Even when we won there in 2014, there was a clear victory. I’m sure that Ferrari and Red Bull will be there, so we have a big battle between the hands if we are in the lead.”

In regards to Nico Rosberg, the German pilot points in particular to Red Bull, but reiterates its confidence in the ability of your team so that issues of 2015 are not repeated:

“of course, it will not be easy. This is a ‘circuit Red Bull’, and we were not as strong last year, but I have faith in the team, and my belief in myself is higher than ever. I will tackle each weekend and aiming to victory”.