GP Singapore: Räikkönen, disappointed with fifth place and the lack of grip


The problems of Sebastian Vettel with the roll bar in the first round of qualifying left Kimi Räikkönen as the only asset of Ferrari to fight for the top positions of the rack Singapore Grand Prix. The finn, who makes few dates went by the altar, surrendered to a good level, but not got enough pace to beat any of their rivals, and had to “settle” with the fifth position.

once finalised the action, Räikkönen stated that the car did not have enough grip on the track to be able to beat your to your with Red Bull and that the position was the maximum that could be obtained. Also, said to be risky to try and achieve a better result, without success.

“it Has been a little more equal in the free, but free does not always tell the whole truth. fifth is disappointing, but I think that today we did more or less what you could with the car, it is a site complicated. The car performs well, but we lack a bit of grip in general to be more rapid, and that in Singapore is a big difference.”

“The first round has been decent, I was pretty happy with it, and the car was behaving well, and I knew that in the second attempt I had to push a little more and take more risks, but I went long in turn 1 and I lost my grip in the last sector”.

Pointing already to the race, Räikkönen trusts their options to a strategy without macula and that the usual circumstances of Singapore’s support to try to reach the podium positions:

“you Never know what can happen in the race: normally, is a long race, there will be different ways of using the tyres between teams and often spend a lot of things, so we have to make a good start and be successful in the strategy, and also get lucky with the Safety Cars”.