GP Singapore: Romain Grosjean: “My confidence is a mierda”


Haas is the promised happy in a qualifying session in which, for pace, were on the shortlist to try to get into Q3, but everything went wrong in the last minutes of Q2. Starting his round final, Romain Grosjean lost control of his car and hit the barriers, nullifying the return of his companion Esteban Gutierrez coming behind.

The French, who have already suffered an accident in Friday’s free, will come out from the 14th position on the grill after the enactment of Sergio Perez, being the time prior faster than the one that had marked Marcus Ericsson. Grosjean, absolutely puzzled after qualifying, he could not identidicar the root of their problems, and was very explicit when describing your state of confidence.

Since we started to shoot here, the car gives sensations rare, do not know what is going on. Yesterday we had problems, trompée the car and I crashed into the curve 22, which is not a site where you expect to trompear, and today I finished doing the same thing on the braking. to Do that two times in two days is not my style of riding. I lost the back, we’re been having problems with the understeer also, but mainly the problem for me was losing the rear at some point for no reason. There’s something not quite right, so we have to analyze what is”.

¡My confidence is crap! Close to zero… When trompeas once at high speed, and the second time trompeas in the braking, how do you win confidence?. Was the classification and was pulling more than 200 percent. Has simply been a strange weekend up to now. We’re looking at the data to see what we can do, and the car after the crash to check the damage, and we hope that the first few laps of the race are good to build from there. Clearly, I am not going to attack the first few laps”.

, Esteban Gutierrez ended a position above and will 13. The mexican was convinced that, having finished his round, could have gone into Q3 for the second race in a row:

The classification was very frustrating, a missed opportunity. I was preparing my self for that lap, and I think I would have had the opportunity of fighting for Q3 if they had been completed. we Had very bad luck, but moved to the sensations that I experienced in the first part of that back to tomorrow”.