GP Singapore: The address of Perez brings the head to a Force India competitive


despite the fact that there is a battle more numerous than usual in the area medium-high, Force India seems to have enough weapons to fight it and add more points in his fight with Williams for fifth position in the Constructors. So soon, they have been quite fastest on the first day of activity in Singapore, although it has not been without its difficulties.

And that is Sergio Perez has not had the best of the Friday. The mexican driver started normally, marking the 12th fastest time in Free practice 1 with a 1:48.214, beating his teammate Nico Hülkenberg by a tenth, but in the afternoon could only be 11th, falling nine-tenths of Hülkenberg with a 1:46.063.

In statements to Autosport, Perez attributed their problems to find rhythm a few odd sensations in the steering response, which were even more influential at the time of mounting the tire ultrablando, and was not sure that those problems could be overcome by the night, being the balance of the car their main concern:

“I’ve had some problems with the steering response, with the loads received from the steering wheel and the assistance that we have, especially in the right corners. I was particularly in the Free 2, and in particular with the ultrablandos. It behaved somewhat strange, that hides a little of the balance that we were carrying, and now it is important to solve this for tomorrow.”

“I’m quite concerned about this, because we have not found anything in the data yet, so I hope that after we have some idea of what is going on. I think that there is something wrong with the power steering, or the steering column. We have been playing a little assistance here and there, so surely there is something there that we have not localized for now. to Read the balance sheet with a problem like this is extremely difficult. At least, Nico has been quite competitive, so that we can learn something from him.”

The long faces on one side of the garage contrasted with the satisfaction on the other side. After being 13th in the first batch of free with a 1:48.359, Nico Hülkenberg improved significantly in the second and got a good 1:45.182 you left in sixth[position, a few thousandths behind the Ferrari of Sebastian Vettel, and ahead of a Lewis Hamilton with problems in his Mercedes.

The German pilot stated that everything had gone according to plan in the two sessions of free, and that the team will dedicate the Saturday to the search of pace over a lap, the whole time that the race pace is already covered by your part:

it Is a good starting point: we have followed the plan, completed all of our courses and learned a lot of turns that we gave. There is still some work to be done to be completely happy with the car, but seemed pretty competitive. We are still trying to understand where we are in terms of pace in the long run, but the first impression is that our pace in a turn seems good”.

“Typically, many teams take a great step forward between the Friday and the Saturday, so that we do not allow ourselves to be carried. We have done a good job of preparation for the race, so that tomorrow we can concentrate on the classification“.