GP Singapore: The pilots rely on Liberty Media to engage in EE.UU and young people


The purchase of the Formula 1 held last week by the group of communication american Liberty Media has caused a reaction, mostly positive in the paddock, particularly among pilots, who think optimistically about the changes that the new owners can implement in the sport.

In particular, the two themes of star in this regard has been the need to rejuvenate the average age of the fans at the global level and attack the ever-complex u.s. market, for all a chimera for any sport based outside of north America. In that sense, Nico Rosberg has laudado the work of Bernie Ecclestone and CVC, making reference to the value of the sale of the rights of the sport, and hopes that the experience of Liberty Media in the audiovisual field help you catch on to the new generations:

“Bernie, and their partners that have led the business all these years have done a great job, as you can see in the selling price of 8500 million dollars. Someone must have done an awesome job to get that price in our sport, and only in the commercial rights. But I think the world is changing a lot, and it’s great that in the times between a little fresh air, a new group of competent people who can bring some new ideas, especially coming from America, where I usually go a step ahead in technology and things like that.”

“On tv they are doing a great job. Can be very promising, I’m looking forward to see what they propose, and it would be mind-blowing that we would be stronger in America. Also in Europe, and around the world, there are a lot of young people who love our sport, and that he would love to, but he doesn’t see it because you do not see the tele a specific time, or because they do not make the effort to search for when it starts, because we run around the world and the time of departure is always changing. This is a new era in which a lot of young people lives as well, and is an area that can be improved, to reach more people.”

The opinion of Fernando Alonso goes in a similar line. The pilot of McLaren believes that the good of Liberty Media to provide quality coverage to the viewer can be a key to the product in its entirety:

“I Think that is good. They have experience, are americans, I believe that sports are quite popular there. It seems that give a good coverage to viewers on tv and also to the fans closest to the sport, and everything that comes from America in terms of sports is quite attractive. Your point of view and ideas will be very welcome in our sport. I see a good future, good things for Formula 1″.

in The same way, your companion Jenson Button focused on the problem of the relatively small amount of amateur young people who follow the sport, and considers the effect of having Max Verstappen should be better exploited in this regard, besides being able to generate more interest in the amateur american:

“they are americans is likely to be positive, to closer the sport to the united States, and get more people interested in it. From what I have seen, are interested in getting an audience much younger. The average age is 30 and many, maybe 40 and a few, too high to what it should be, considering that we have a boy of 18 years on the grill”.

finally, Carlos Sainz used his personal experience with some of their relatives in order to exemplify the difficulties of the sport to connect with the generation of social networks:

“I’m going to sound somewhat negative, but I think that you can only get better with respect to where we are now. I think that, in the face of the fans, the media and the world, a new company, with the motivation to make things better, it can only be good. I’m positive about it, and we can only go in the good direction. With luck, it will help with those young fans who are difficult to attract on social networks. Iven when I tell my friends that watch the Formula 1, find it difficult not to see it on the social networks, and es difficult to convince them. I’m here, and you follow that, but it is difficult for them to attach to the Formula 1″.