GP Singapore: The x-ray: as well faced the riders the race in Singapore


The first day in Marina Bay was not without incident and several of them were affected by the two candidates for the title: Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. The first suffered mechanical problems and the second an accident without too many consequences. In any case, both seem to be much better prepared to win than they were in 2015.

The display shown by Nico Rosberg in Marin Bay was the they will remember for quite some time, getting the pole by a half second margin over Daniel Ricciardo and more than seven tenths on his rival for the title: Lewis Hamilton. Sebastian Vettel went wrong, stand to be eliminated in Q1 after a mechanical problem, but Räikkönen made it clear that Ferrari is not enough speed in this circuit as to put pressure on Mercedes.

below, we review a pilot to pilot the highlight of your weekend.


Lewis Hamilton

Friday: Tried the HALO in the first session, had a hydraulic problem at the end of the second.

Saturday: it is Not comfortable this weekend. After the problems of suspension in the free practice sessions, “fixed”, but Nico was unattainable.

Nico Rosberg

Friday: had an accident in the first session, breaking the front wing. In the second, improved enormously.

Saturday: The car was great and think you did a their three improvements laps in Formula 1.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
HAM 1:46.426 (4th) 1:45.275 (7th) 24+10 1:45.806 (8th) 9 1:45.167 (4th) 1:43.471 (2nd) 1:43.288 (3rd)
ROS 1:46.513 (5th) 1:44.152 (1) 22+34 1:44.352 (1) 15 1:45.316 (8th) 1:43.020 (1) 1:42.584 (1)


Sebastian Vettel

Friday: struggled to find pace in the second session.

Saturday: During his first attempt to Q1, it broke something that made him roll on three wheels in the curves (possibly the anti-roll bar). Could not fix it and was eliminated.

Kimi Räikkönen

Friday: They found it to be very comfortable in the second session and believes they can be competitive.

Saturday: Your first lap of Q3 was very good and took a chance in the second to try to improve, but made mistakes. The car does not have enough grip and no more where to get.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
VET 1:46.287 (3rd) 1:45.161 (5th) 22+33 1:45.104 (5th) 13 1:49.116 (22º)
RAI 1:46.890 (6th) 1:44.427 (2nd) 20+34 1:44.860 (3rd) 15 1:44.964 (2nd) 1:44.159 (5th) 1:43.540 (5th)


Valtteri Bottas

Friday: despite the changes, not managed to find a good balance in the car.

Saturday: had Improved somewhat since the free practice sessions, but it is a complicated circuit for them. You think that would have gone in Q3, but the yellow flags forced him to slow down.

Felipe Massa

Friday: Had best feelings in the long run, but one lap with new tyres, these do not work correctly.

Saturday: Was improving on the last lap, but the yellow flags they ground their efforts.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
BOT 1:48.453 (14th) 1:46.960 (15th) 26+30 1:45.947 (10th) 16 1:46.086 (15th) 1:44.740 (11th)
MORE 1:48.044 (9th) 1:46.856 (14th) 27+30 1:46.529 (14th) 17 1:46.056 (13th) 1:44.991 (12th)

Red Bull


Daniel Ricciardo

Friday: The tyres overheated in the last sector, but are competitive and aspire to all.

Saturday: Happy with the result, although I would have preferred to be closer to Rosberg. The third sector was very good, but not even a perfect lap would have served to make the pole. Will the race start with superblandos.

Max Verstappen

Friday: Very satisfied with the behavior of the ultrablandos and, in general, with the car.

Saturday: Very frustrated, because the car got worse in qualifying. The front tires are not caught temperature and blocked with ease to the curb.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
RIC 1:45.872 (2nd) 1:44.557 (4th) 27+26 1:44.903 (4th) 12 1:44.255 (1) 1:43.933 (3rd) 1:43.115 (2nd)
SEE 1:45.823 (1) 1:44.532 (3rd) 25+29 1:44.411 (2nd) 15 1:45.036 (3rd) 1:44.112 (4th) 1:43.328 (4th)

Force India

Sergio Perez

Friday: Problems at the address and with the brakes you have complicated a lot of the day.

Saturday: Sanctioned with five squares on the grid by not raising in the area of the accident Grosjean and three by overtaking Gutierrez under yellow flags.

Nico Hülkenberg

Friday: Very satisfied with the performance of the car, especially to a return.

Saturday: Not entirely happy, despite having reached Q3 after a software problem and a turn quashed by the yellow flags. The car has no ends to be balanced.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
PER 1:48.214 (12th) 1:46.063 (11th) 28+26 1:46.112 (11th) 15 1:45.204 (5th) 1:44.703 (9th) 1:44.582 (10th)
HUL 1:48.359 (13th) 1:45.182 (6th) 28+35 1:45.316 (6th) 13 1:46.081 (14th) 1:44.737 (10th) 1:44.479 (8th)


Kevin Magnussen

Friday: there were No problems throughout the day.

Saturday: I Thought that would have better performance, but the car was not to be. The pace of the race is, in theory, superior.

Jolyon Palmer

Friday: Have a good base to work the rest of the weekend.

Saturday: Overheated the tyres in the first part of your lap of Q1, and paid for it in the second half.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
MAG 1:50.263 (18th) 1:47.161 (16th) 29+30 1:47.116 (15) 11 1:46.825 (17º)
PAL 1:49.794 (17th) 1:47.166 (17th) 27+34 1:46.689 (20th) 13 1:46.960 (19th)

Toro Rosso


Daniil Kvyat

Friday: Used the aero package old and will keep the rest of the weekend.

Saturday: Only had tires for a try in Q3, but made a back very good and was less than three tenths off his teammate.

Carlos Sainz

Friday: unlike its companion, it will roll throughout the weekend with the evolution introduced in Hockenheim. The pace of the car has been much better than the last few races.

Saturday: The commissioners he was called to the weigh-in on Q2 and, at the end, the engine is not started, and missed the second attempt. Despite all that happened and did a lap masterful in Q3.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
KVY 1:47.683 (8th) 1:46.029 (10th) 29+35 1:45.503 (7th) 19 1:45.291 (7th) 1:44.475 (6th) 1:44.469 (7th)
UPS 1:46.936 (7th) 1:45.507 (8th) 28+33 1:45.879 (9th) 17 1:45.499 (11th) 1:44.493 (7th) 1:44.197 (6th)


Marcus Ericsson

Friday: a Change of engine after several problems in the first practice session. Many problems with the ultrablando.

Saturday: Happy for having been the best of the group behind and to have passed to the Q2 after the problems of Vettel.

Felipe Nasr

Friday: Used the high downforce configuration for the first time.

Saturday: The car worsened in classification. Much oversteer in the first attempt, and on cold tyres in the second.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
ERI 1:51.479 (20th) 1:48.487 (20th) 16+32 1:47.956 (19th) 20 1:46.427 (16th) 1:47.827 (16th)
NAS 1:49.595 (15th) 1:47.531 (18th) 16+29 1:47.293 (17th) 18 1:46.860 (18º)


Fernando Alonso

Friday: Tried the HALO in the first session. Lack of grip and the car subvira much. Problems in the gearbox at the end of the day.

Saturday: Happy to have achieved the goal of entering into Q3, but worried because the car has not gone down well and quite possibly is a race to the defensive.

Jenson Button

Friday: He stood at the beginning of the first session by a hydraulic problem, but was able to resume. The car needs a lot of work to get to the goal marked the end of this week.

Saturday: he Touched the wall on his quick lap in Q2 and that damaged the front left wheel, and having to stop. Hopeful because the changes of the free 3 improved a lot the car.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
ALO 1:48.202 (11th) 1:45.779 (9th) 21+30 1:46.164 (12th) 13 1:45.373 (9th) 1:44.653 (8th) 1:44.553 (9th)
BUT 1:49.615 (16th) 1:46.574 (12th) 20+30 1:47.277 (16th) 16 1:45.262 (6th) 1:45.144 (13º)



Pascal Wehrlein

Friday: Many problems of traction and with the lack of downforce that holds the car.

Saturday: a difficult Day in which he lost time on track in free practice. No downforce or traction, there is no other to suffer.

Esteban Ocon

Friday: Happy with the behaviour of the car in long runs.

Saturday: Many of the problems that he was not allowed to sort at a good level, nothing was found comfortable with the car.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
WEH 1:51.112 (19th) 1:48.505 (21st) 23+33 1:49.349 (21st) 9 1:47.667 (20º)
OCO 1:52.379 (21st) 1:48.823 (22nd) 33+29 1:49.565 (22nd) 14 1:48.296 (21º)


Romain Grosjean

Friday: Could not roll in the first session and, in the second, he continued with problems.

Saturday: went back to have an accident, this time in Q2. Does not explain what happens to the car.

Esteban Gutierrez

Friday: Tested the developments introduced this weekend in the car, happy with the car.

Saturday: Managed to greatly improve the car in free practice, in Q2 it was fine and it was slower than in Q1.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
GRO 1:48.391 (19th) 2+12 1:47.411 (18th) 20 1:45.609 (12th) 1:45.723 (15th)
GUT 1:48.109 (10th) 1:46.727 (13th) 23+36 1:46.316 (13th) 16 1:45.465 (10th) 1:45.593 (14th)

The decisions of the commissioners

  • Daniil Kvyat is punished with 200 euros for exceeding the speed limit in the pit-lane at 1.5 km/h.
  • Sergio Pérez is punished with three squares on the grid by overtaking Esteban Gutierrez under the regime yellow flags.
  • Sergio Pérez is punished with five squares on the grid and three points on your license for ignoring the yellow flags of the accident by Romain Grosjean.

The tyres available for the race

The chronicles of the Grand Prize