GP Singapore: Vettel and Grosjean, penalized


Not being a weekend easy for Sebastian Vettel and Romain Grosjean. Both have struggled to be comfortable on the street circuit of Marina Bay and, to make matters worse, the mechanical problems have contributed to increase the problems.

In the case of Sebastian Vettel, it was a stabilizer bar that broke on the car during his first lap of Q1, making it unable to move from the last square. As a result, Ferrari has decided to change the engine of the German and, although we still lack official confirmation, also the gearbox.

In regards to Romain Grosjean, pilot of Haas, his accident of the Q2-that caused the yellow flags and one of the penalties for Sergio Perez – damaged the gearbox.

Both be penalized five places on the grid for each item replaced, something that is not yet official. In the case of Vettel, regardless of how many components you decide to change finally Ferrari, will start from the last square. Romain Grosjean qualified in fifteenth position and will have to go back five posts.