GP Singapore: Vettel recovered 17 positions at Marina Bay: “I have enjoyed a lot”


that has been the second-largest comeback of the season, Sebastian Vettel went from the disaster of the sabbath, the who ranked in last position at the breaking of the roll bar of his car, reach in Sunday’s race fifth final position, beating even the Red Bull of Max Verstappen. In total, 17 positions recovered

The German pilot lamented his bad start, and not have had a Safety Car in the course of the race that helped him to reach above, as well as the traffic that is found on the track during the first half of the test, which could not be undone with ease when you carry the hardest compound:

“we Had a good strategy today, without a doubt, and we also had the opportunity to make great progress with a Safety Car, but was not, so that a fifth is very good result. My output was not good, had very little grip. It is very different when salts last, I think that is the first time that I left last on the grid. In the incident of the departure, I was enough behind to have time to see where he was going to the car”.

“After the Safety Car, I took it with a little bit of calm. The most important thing is that the car was still intact, but after the resalida was difficult to operate the tyres. When wearing the soft, it was very difficult to pass, and did not leave the Safety Car we were looking for. I lost a lot of time behind the Sauber, and go behind the Force India of Sergio (Perez) was the limit for these tires, but it was important to survive until we got on that last set of ultrablandos at the end and we were able to deploy the pace.”

once having achieved the fifth position, the difference with the front was high enough to prevent any attempt to gain any additional positions. With Verstappen to 50 seconds, Vettel gave it up for good in the fifth place, ensuring that fun was had behind the wheel, and confirming that continues to place his confidence in his team for the future:

“In the last laps, I had too much difference with the front, and I took it with calm. At some point I thought that, if he saw a Safety Car, maybe we could get closer to the battle for third place, with Kimi and Lewis, but we lost too much at the beginning of the race, which was what we expected. Anything can happen here. Seemed that there was a long road ahead, and that was unreachable after the bad start, but then we went in the wave, and the car, especially in the last two stints, came to life and we made good progress, so I really enjoyed it”.

I Know that patience is not a characteristic of a Ferrarista, and neither is in my case, we are here to win and we will not be satisfied until that happens, but we make progress step by step, and one day will give results. The team was a little alicaído after what happened yesterday, was that no one wanted that to happen, so we had to accept it and move on. I believe in them, and I think it will be better in the future”.