GP Singapore: Williams is stuck in the yellow flags in Q2


Williams has signed a disappointing qualifying at Marina Bay after seeing as their drivers were eliminated in Q2. The lack of performance of the FW38 and the yellow flags on the straight end of the session caused by the crash of Romain Grosjean have been left with no chance to Valtteri Bottas and Felipe Massa to get his passage to Q3 with his last set of tires ultrablandas. All in all, Bottas will leave tenth and Massa in eleventh after winning a position by the sanction of Perez, which precisely did not respect the yellow flags present in the second and third sector of the route.

Marina Bay is a path favourable to the Williams FW38. Knowing this fact, and after seeing that his pace during the free did not guarantee a positive result, Bottas used tires ultrablandas in Q1 and two other games during the Q2, even though the accident Grosjean closed off any option of being in Q3: “We manage to make small improvements between the last practice session and the qualifying, but this weekend it seems that is becoming a bit difficult for us. things were very tight with Force India, and when I had a very back in Q2, I had to slow down for the yellow flags“.

Bottas has been noted in some way the conduct of Perez and has been penalized with eight positions by stating that: “to stop in the yellow flag, Perez is ahead of us”, although the Finnish has not wanted to further explore the role of the mexican and has focused on their own choices in the face of Sunday’s race: The race pace looks better than what we have seen to a single round, so we will fight with Force India tomorrow and also try to finish ahead of Toro Rosso. It is a good goal for us”.


Felipe Massa had a script almost identical to its companion of box after pass Q1 with a game of ultrablandas and use two new games during the Q2. The brazilian also had to abort his final attempt to fast lap after coming across the accident Grosjean which has left him with a final time of 1:44.991 and an eleventh position that will allow you to choose tyres for the race, like Bottas: admittedly, There was not a great final phase of the classification. I was improving on my last lap, but I could not finish because I had to reduce my speed by the yellow flags”.

despite being pretty bare-bones in their statements to the press after qualifying at the Marina Bay, Felipe Massa also left a message critical: Us we slow down and maybe other cars did not stop their march. That said, the brazilian appealed to the spirit of crazy races in Singapore in the search of a good result: “The race is tomorrow and we have to be absolutely prepared for anything. Todo can happen in Singapore“.