GP Singapore: Williams starts in Singapore, with the distance changed


Of a circuit remarkably favorable to one particularly unfavorable. Williams knew that the performance exhibited in Monza was not going to be much less the same in Marina Bay, a type of path that punishes a lot of the weaknesses of his car: the lack of traction and grip aerodynamic on their main pursuers.

The first free practice on Friday have been a good example of this. Felipe Massa ended the first session in ninth place with a 1:48.044, and improved somewhat more than a second for the night, but his 1:46.856 only earned him a 14th position.

The brazilian stressed that the car is working well on race pace, but the team has problems in this circuit with the qualifying sessions and the operating temperature of the tyres:

“on Friday in Singapore are always difficult to understand. you Have to work hard to understand the tyres here. It is difficult to overtake here, so, so much for tomorrow as for the race, that is the most important for us.”

“We have a lot to do to improve the car in the short runs, especially with the new tires. The long run gave better impressions, cI think we were pretty competitive, but we do not know the gasoline carried by the other”.

on The day of Valtteri Bottas was even more discreet, if that is possible. The Finnish driver was four-tenths and five-positions of Massa in the first session, with a 1:48.453 and, although it has improved a second and a half in Free 2 (1:46.960), it wasn’t the 15th place.

The finn said afterwards that the team had carried out several tests to find rhythm, but without success, and recognizes that Force India will be hard to beat, while he expects that the difference is less at the time of the veradad:

“it Has been a difficult day. Have suffered all day with the balance of the car, and we have not finished happy with it. We have been doing different types of tests and configuration changes to try to make the car work well, and it has been difficult, but we have been in this position before, and we have recovered well. If we can improve, I improve more of my times and reduce the gap with Force India”.

“Philip and I have been trying different things all day and in the evening session, we have taken different compounds, so it is difficult to compare our times. I have to say that expected to further degradation: I didn’t do many laps with the ultrablandos, but I’ve done a shoot decent with the soft and has not been very bad. We have to check everything well before you decide how to face the rest of the weekend. Force India has been more rapid than we expected, so it will be a weekend of challenging for us, without a doubt”.