GP Spain: Carlos Sainz, satisfied with your Q3: “Not needed reivindicarme”


The sensations in Toro Rosso returned to be found for the second day in a row on both sides of the garage. On the side of Carlos Sainz, it was all smiles and satisfaction. The driver from madrid he was a good qualifying session at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, finishing in 8th place in Q3, to where his teammate Daniil Kvyat not agreed, and very near the times of Sebastian Vettel and Valtteri Bottas.

Sainz commented that the changes made in the Free 3 will allow us to find even more pace than they had shown until then:

“I Am very happy with the qualifying today. We’ve been very strong all weekend until now, and be round today was the maximum that we could expect to. In third free I have managed to improve the car a bit, to get into Q3 and to be second of the mortal. At the end we have been cast that Williams out there, that we never know what is stored in the sleeve. He believed that the return in Q2 was going to be difficult to improve but, suddenly, to make the first turns, I have noticed that I was more comfortable with the car and I have found those 3 tenths, which I was not expecting to take out there. In the end we finished three tenths of a Ferrari”.

tomorrow, Sainz believes that out in the dirty area of the grill is a great disadvantage, but he is confident in the strategy to gain positions. It also denied that its actions engender a knock on effect for your party after the rise of Max Verstappen to Red Bull:

“There is a little bit more degradation than we expected, the track at 2 in the afternoon slide a lot. There will be people that will prove it all. We know that we are the slowest end of the straight, and I think that we will need some strategy and something of degradation in order to win that Williams. The dirty side is not the best but, well you come out, little you can do. You can do a few meters great, but there is an enormous distance to the curve 1”.

I don’t think that you will need to reivindicarme. If I say that I’ve had a year and half bad, and they have chosen to Max because I haven’t done well, it would have been a good day to claimed, but I have already taught for a long time that I’m fast, I don’t think they have seen something that they didn’t know already”. “I do Not fixed already in Verstappen. Red Bull is on another planet”.

Of that planet fell Daniil Kvyat in the past week. In his first qualifying at Toro Rosso this year, said the lack of time behind the wheel of the STR11 and could only manage 13th. The Russian pilot is optimistic, and does not discard to score points tomorrow:

“I Still am getting used to the team and the car, so it has not
been a session of simple classification. No one wants to be eliminated in Q2, but
the overall feeling is positive
. I
I feel better each time in the car, and in the future it’ll do better, I am not a
type very patient! We have to analyze and find what we could have
done better for the next races. Start in the position 13 is not very bad,
so we will do our best to score some points tomorrow. The race is very long, we’ll see where
we have just.