GP Spain: Disastrous accident on the first lap between Hamilton and Rosberg


the first lap of The Grand Prix of Spain, has been a flashpoint in the dispute between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton. Both pilots collided with each other in turn 4 of the circuit of Montmeló, and they were out of the race, in what marks the first ” 0 ” of Mercedes from the united States, 2012, and the first accident that caused the abandonment of both.

LAP 1/66: DRAMA!!

ROS goes past HAM

HAM spins, collides with ROS

Both Mercedes OUT!#SpanishGP #F1
— Formula 1 (@F1) May 15, 2016

Rosberg, who had been head at the exit with a bold maneuver, it went wrong from the curve 3 after a contravolante. Hamilton saw the opportunity and tried to surprise the German by the inside of the curve 4. Rosberg reacted by closing the gap, and Hamilton was forced to go on the grass. The british lost control of his car and struck against Rosberg, after which both ended up in the gravel.

Both pilots, visibly angry, went to the motorhome Mercedes without removing the hulls, where they have met with the management of the team, whose faces reflected a tremendous disbelief in the moments after. The first authoritative voice of the computer in expressing his opinion was Niki Lauda, in a statement to Autosport:

“For me, it is very simple: has been a failure of calculation in the head of Lewis, I blame more to him than Nico. To Mercedes, this is unacceptable. Lewis was very aggressive to him, why should Nico make room? I was in front. Is completely unnecessary, and for my most disastrous of all this is that Mercedes is out after two curves”.

afterwards, once finalised the meeting with the pilots, Toto Wolff stated in terms of more content and cautious to the media:

“it Is a very difficult time for the team. The commissioners have to decide, and we, as a team, we can not blame one or the other. If we look at the telemetry, we see different things. Niki, as a pilot, has his opinion. We have to talk again with them, and see what we can do to not re-pass”.