GP Spain: Double podium finish for a Ferrari that is still without a win


The accident of the two Mercedes on the first lap of the Grand Prix of Spain, we had the best opportunity for Ferrari achieved the first victory of the year, but Red Bull and a young phenomenon 18-year-old stood in his way. Still, the team managed to reach the podium with his two effective, maintaining their slim advantage in the second position of the constructors with respect to the team’s austrian.

Kimi Räikkönen he earned his third podium of the season. Despite losing position to his team mate at the exit, the two-stop strategy played out in favor of, and was found with clear options to win the race. Pressed up close to Max Verstappen for more than 20 laps, but the wear of the tires ended up charged in their effect. The Finnish is formed with the second position, the same as that obtained in Bahrain and that places him in second place overall, 4 points ahead of Lewis Hamilton and 39 of leader Nico Rosberg.

Räikkönen showed his disappointment for not having achieved what would have been his first victory since Australia 2013, but it gives us a good position after a Saturday complicated.

“I Had a bad start, the wheels skated a lot when I released the clutch. I managed to recover some positions in the first corners, and then I hunted to Max easily. The car went well, and the speed was good, but follow a car for as many laps doesn’t help the tires, and I lacked a lot of grip and load. Just got rolling near him, he never got to pick the aspiration after the last curve because it was really fast there”.

“get so close and not win is a little disappointing, but after a difficult weekend we have to be happy in some way for this result. As a team, we continue to work as hard as we can to get victories, we have to keep the fight alive and be up there to score points. Max deserves truth this victory, it is not a surprise to me. You already did a great job last year, and today in a car best has been able to win”.

The third step of the podium was occupied by Sebastian Vettel. The German pilot took the initiative to attack the Red Bull, and his strategy was meant to get ahead of both at your third stop. Managed to pass Daniel Ricciardo, but his tyres were not fast enough to reach Verstappen and Räikkönen, and had to defend the australian Red Bull for a few laps.

The four-time champion of the Ferrari commented that the tyres did not offer the performance the team expected, although not had many complaints about the behaviour of the car:

“Today was a great opportunity to get the win, so I attacked hoping to win. But that lasted until I got out of the pits after the last stop, and I realized that, with a set of tires that I had two laps less, the advantage that he had on the people in front was practically non-existent. We suffer with the medium tyres, the Red Bull was very strong with them, and that is the reason why Kimi and I couldn’t attack, but we were very strong with the soft”.

“we ‘from’ the strategies between the two cars: I opted for a strategy to three stops, I tried to attack the leader, and I was successful, but in the end, both Daniel and I left behind the people who stopped two times. We lacked rhythm, it is something that we need to understand. there is nothing wrong with the car, it is good, works well, and what we have brought here seem to work. I want to congratulate Verstappen, the first victory is one of the best moments you can have, is something very special. Max managed to stay ahead despite the pressure of Kimi, so plated”.