GP Spain: Fernando Alonso: “Red Bull is doing a great job promoting pilots”


Before the appearance of Carlos Sainz, Daniil Kvyat and Max Verstappen -who was joined by Fernando
Alonso, Lewis Hamilton and Kevin Magnussen-
, it was inevitable that the
the main focus of attention was focused on the recent change
seats between the Russian pilot and the Dutch. Red Bull has been very
criticized by some analysts, fans and even drivers,
but Fernando Alonso wanted to note the work of promotion of young
pilots that the austrian team has spent years doing: “A
surprise after the fourth race.
But have been doing a great job promoting pilots and
discovering new talent. That is how they do it, and in the past
they have done a great job”
, said
the Spanish after joking around with Lewis Hamilton on the matter,
asking: “have you changed equipment? what had you heard?”,
what caused the laughter generalized in the room.

In regard to his own
team, Alonso maintained his optimism of face to the next
races, insisting on wanting to keep the sensations found
in Sochi more than those of Shanghai. “We have
some improvements for this race, the most aerodynamic.
We’ll see how it goes in the end of the week, but it is likely that we will be a lot
more optimistic than a month ago.
car is improving and we are becoming more and more competitive.

I think that the next Grand Prix will be good for us, so that
in Barcelona, Monaco and even Canada should go
a little better in terms of layout which in
China. We have great hopes to maintain this trend and continue to
together toward positions more competitive”

The spaniard was asked about the Spanish fans and how to
it has influenced the passage of time in the intensity with which they live
Formula 1 in Spain. In this regard, Alonso commented that “even
is well. Less than in 2005 or 2006, when there were queues of forty
minutes to get to the circuit, but to the people still likes the
sport. There is less enthusiasm for pay tv is not
available for everyone and it is likely that there are less spectators,
less media attention. We have a good base and still is
quite popular”
, he said, hoping the pilot of McLaren.


in Addition, the Spanish rider underwent a singular questionnaire Mobil 1 and Esso, technology partner of McLaren, performed periodically to different employees of the team of Woking. On this occasion the protagonist was Fernando Alonso, who responded in the following way to the short questions selected by the brand of lubricants and fuels:

Pregunta Respuesta
Nombre Fernando Alonso
Apodo Nano
Trabajo Pilot of Formula 1
Role in the pit-stops I have a reserved seat! And I am always impressed by how fast and efficient they are our guys
Since when do you work at McLaren coming in and out, around two and a half years
Descríbete in three words Tenacious, Committed, Lover Zen
Site favorite F1 Definitely Suzuka
First memory of McLaren Senna and Prost always winning. And my kart white and red ‘McLaren’ when I was a kid
Best memory of McLaren My car of 2007, the MP4-22. It was gorgeous, really quick and gave us some victories amazing
favourite Race in the history of McLaren The victory of Ayrton in Monaco 1992 and Donington Park 1993. Both amazing.
Three things essential in your travel Passport, phone and helmet. The first takes me to the country, the second keeps me connected, and the third I placed in the car. I don’t need much more
The best part of your job The privilege of piloting the best and most advanced cars in the world. It is an honor
Pilot McLaren favorite. of the past or present Ayrton Senna
When not working, I like to… The train. Of bike riding. Do things that you enjoy to a normal guy
An interesting fact about you I Am a good cook, at least that is what my family and friends tell me!
What drives you every day The determination to achieve my goals
Your lubricant favorite (I drink!) cold Water
If I didn’t work in F1, it would be… Cyclist. And if not, math teacher
¿What was your first job? I Earned my first salary when I was racing in karts as a child, it was the first time that I paid!