GP Spain: Ferrari is stuck on the third line in a day “disappointing”


The qualifying session of the Spanish Grand Prix has been a hard blow for a Scuderia Ferrari that he hoped to be able to plant face to Mercedes and to be the alternative, and that, however, has been behind Red Bull on a lap. Kimi Räikkönen and Sebastian Vettel will leave together, in fifth and sixth position, with the two cars of team austria in front of them.

To Räikkönen, the last sector was the main problem of the team, as it was in this section where they lost more time, with regard to the first four, and emphasized that the action of the wind on the behavior of a car that, despite the fact that allowed him to beat Vettel, never did be to your liking.

it has Not been an easy day: we have done the best we could, but the result is somewhat disappointing. It seems that we have suffered enough in the last sector, and I am not surprised that we lost a lot of time there. Before qualifying we made some changes in our setup and the car behaved better, but it has not been easy to get the laps that we wanted, and to make the handling was exactly as we wanted”.

“The car was working fine yesterday, today it was faster, but the wind has been changing, and has meant that some areas were complicated. My last lap was the best of the day, but it’s obviously not where we want to be. Our rivals have done a better job today, we need to keep working and improving and see what we can do tomorrow in the race”.


The disappointment is even more palpable in the words of Vettel. The German pilot could not find the rapport necessary with your car at any time, and in Q3 was dangerously close to Valtteri Bottas and Carlos Sainz. Even so, you think the car has potential for more:

“Any day can be hard, but did not expect that we were so far away, especially because this morning we had a good pace. Not me I did it with the car, I did not have the sensations of this morning, and I was not able to nail the laps. I don’t think that it is a surprise; if not you’re right here, can be very expensive, we know that. I think the difference with the Mercedes is greater than it has been during the weekend, so clearly we have not been successful”.

“The higher you rate, the better. This rule applies in all circuits. Tomorrow we will focus on the start and the first lap, and then there’s a long career, and many things that we can do. There are normally several pit stops here, so that we can play with the strategy, and overtake people, which is slower than us. I Think that the car has the pace to do more than P6, so I have high hopes for tomorrow”.