GP Spain: McLaren will introduce a great evolution in Montmeló


Eric Boullier has confirmed that McLaren has plans to introduce
numerous improvements to the car
for the race that will be held in the
Catalan circuit of Montmelo in less than two weeks. “Tenemos
an important update prepared for the city of Barcelona.
Monaco should adapt well, but in Barcelona we don’t know
, admitted in any case the
French statements to Autosport.

After the good result
achieved in Sochi, the team is facing the future with hope and
renovated illusions. In that sense, Fernando Alonso has made clear that “there are
potential and now come circuits that adapt best to our
car, like Barcelona or Monaco”
, recognizing

expectations are high, and if we execute well on the weekend
we will have to maximise the points,”
, but
it is also cognisant of the fact that Sochi was given several
circumstances that allowed for a result somewhat misleading.
“The sixth position is to keep it in perspective, because we noticed the
Russia has been a coincidence, if it had been a normal race,
we would have finished four places behind”
, admitted
the Spanish in the microphones of the COPE.

His teammate, Jenson Button, also adopts a similar stance and is very confident
before the Monaco Grand Prix, which will be held after that of Spain.
“Also keep in mind that the two Red Bull and a
Ferrari did not finish in the points. That’s three positions won by
incidents of the rivals. You have to take advantage when you can.
The next race
will still be something difficult for us, but
in Monaco we hope to get a good sum of points”

Honda also has a planned evolution of the thruster unit, which include changes in the mode of recovering the energy, one of the weak points of the thruster japanese. Its introduction was scheduled for the Grand Prix of Canada, but deadlines have been tightened, and Honda will try to have ready the new engine in Monaco or even in Spain.