GP Spain: Mercedes renews his front wing


The snout becomes more pointed and narrow than the one used until now.

Mercedes has introduced a new set nose/front wing that aims to further improve treatment of the aerodynamic flow and its subsequent redistribution to the rest of the car.

On this occasion, and on the occasion of the Spanish Grand Prix, both Lewis Hamilton as Nico Rosberg were able to analyze the behavior of the new nose, further sharpened at its tip.


The endplate used until Russia was more simple, with a single slot, which direct the flow toward the side edge of the tire.

in Addition, Mercedes introduced changes in the endplate of the front wing, by adding two additional slots at the existing on the rear edge of the same. These slots is intended to improve the flow around the tire, likely in an attempt to speed it up towards the bottom of the pontoon (undercut) and, subsequently, the diffuser.