GP Spain: Red Bull back to winning ways after two years


Very few predicted personal to the beginning of the season that Red Bull ultimately winning a Grand Prix in 2016, a season that promised to be of survival to the expected change of regulation soplase in their favor, after a 2015 complicated. However, the improvement of the team of austria has been constant since the beginning of the year, and today we have gathered in the fruit with the first victory since Belgium 2014.

however, the large collection of fruits has starred in Max Verstappen. In his first race with the team, after being promoted last week, the pilot Dutch has managed to a historic victory, covered in a successful strategy to two stops, and in his magnificent riding with a last stint of tires with which he managed to keep in head for almost 30 turns until the end, despite pressure from Kimi Räikkönen.

On the podium, an emotional Verstappen was right to thank his father and his team their first win, as well as the strategy:

“it Is a very special feeling, did not expect to win. After that the Mercedes collide, we had the podium as a goal, but it is amazing to have finished in head, and have heard the anthem Dutch for the first time in Formula 1. I think of my father, I have heard that he was crying. Has invested a lot of time in my, and this achievement is also thanks to him”.

he was Not nervous during the race, was only trying to concentrate, and riding as best as I could. We have concentrated much in keeping with a life of the tires, because I had to do 32 laps with them until the end, but it worked well. 5 laps from the end, I saw that Kimi is off the hook a bit, tried it a few times, and that wears out your tires. Then, I said to myself ‘okay, focus on the tyres and bringing the car to the finish’. I have No words, I’ve been very well accompanied in the podium. That is, Kimi competed against my father!”

On the opposite side of the emotions stood Daniel Ricciardo. The australian inherited the leadership of the test after the crash that left out the two Mercedes, but his strategy to three stops left frog. Sebastian Vettel he overcame after his stop, and none of them had the pace enough to catch Verstappen and Räikkönen, who had not stopped. In the absence of two laps to the end, suffered a puncture that ended with their options, although it did manage to preserve the fourth position.

After the test, Ricciardo showed markedly disenchanted with the missed opportunity to get the that would have been his fourth victory in a Formula 1:

“mixed Emotions, no doubt. We have had some bad luck, I was leading and we opted for a strategy of three stops, so we had to try to overtake three cars on the track. In addition, Seb, as we had passed at the bus stop. The strategy was wrong, but during the race the team will it seemed the correct option“.

“Be room I don’t never satisfied, so I tried to pass Vettel. I had a chance, but it didn’t work. It sucks not to be even on the podium, and the prick in the end only served to poke around in the wound. It is a great day for Max with his first win, so congratulations, you have done your job. Everyone questioned the decision during the week, but it has shown that it is a pilot pointer. It is not hard to see Max on the podium, it simply is hard not to be I there. Need to pass page, ande hope to be on the podium in Monaco”.