GP Spain: Verstappen: “It’s good for Red Bull that Ricciardo and I can presionarnos”


Max Verstappen ended his first participation as a pilot of Red Bull in a classification with the fourth, sharing the second row with his team-mate. The pilot dutchman was delighted with the result, even after being passed by Daniel Ricciardo on the last lap, because until then there had been Max who had shown faster.

Honestly, I did not know
what to expect. And what happened -and how it happened – it is super
How to wait for something like that? But believe me: I am very happy,
that’s for sure. I really never thought I’d whisk you or
something similar to this. I was completely focused on how it behaved
the car and enjoy every lap when
I saw that he did it so smoothly. I Think that is good for the
equipment that has been seen that Daniel and I can push the one
the other
. Should be a good sign for the future”.

Verstappen, in statements to the official website of the Formula 1, recognizes that there are marked targets, and that is still far from its limit because adaptation to the team and the car will take more time. “it Is
my first qualifying for Red Bull and it is impossible to achieve
back perfect, I’m just happy with the progress
I’m doing it. Every time I’ve gone up to the car I felt
best and that is all that matters. Clearly, that was not my limit,
but I am satisfied as was the classification, ¡Rome was not
built in a day!”
, he recalled the Dutch, which do not mark a clear goal in the race beyond continue with your learning curve.