GP Spain: Verstappen wheel in times of Ricciardo in his debut with Red Bull


In the focus of attention for its sudden change of pilots, Red Bull has had a good Friday in Barcelona. Although it is never possible to draw exact conclusions of the first two free practice sessions, the Red Bull RB12 is postulated as the third single by performance on track. At least that is apparent from the regular performance shown by Daniel Ricciardo and debutant Max Verstappen, which have been placed around the fifth and sixth position. Although Carlos Sainz has crept ahead of both in the FP2, the work in the Red Bull has been very positive.

In their first sessions with Red Bull, Max Verstappen has rolled with a remarkable rate, calling for almost all times times of his teammate. The pilot Dutch have finished FP1 in sixth position, while it has been eighth in the second training. After the same, Verstappen explained: “I’m happy. To be a first day we can not complain. We have come to this point with a lot of work, but not with a lot of laps and that is the most important. I’m Still getting used to the car, do not feel that I reach the limit yet fully“.

In this line, Max Verstappen emphasized to the press: “I’m Still learning a lot about the car, the position of the seat, the steering wheel, all the buttons or even the procedures, which are different to the Toro Rosso. we are best. Red Bull is a good team and I like working with it. If we have a good feeling tomorrow I’m going to try to do my best and thereafter we’ll see what can happen. I Think I need a couple of weekends to be totally comfortable“.


Ricciardo set a fastest time of 1:25.194, log
has reached at the second session. With 62 laps to the path
the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, the australian rider has finished
fifth in FP1 and sixth in FP2. After the end of the day, Ricciardo
expressed: “the Whole world is watching this weekend to see how
va Max, including me. At the start of the weekend expected to be between
the five first and for the moment we maintain this objective
. Something better than
that would mean great joy. For now I am happy, still
we have something to find in terms of pace, but in general it was a
good day”.

Entrusted as seen in previous races, Daniel
Riccardo was both demanding: “I know what it is capable of doing
this car, so I think that with a few changes between this night and
tomorrow will help us be a little more up in the front.
Did a good stint long with the soft tyres and, which we
gave a lot of good information in terms of wear of the
tires. This has allowed us to collect the data we need to
assess during this night and to make the smart decisions that are appropriate for