GP Spain: x-ray: as well faced the riders the race in Montmeló


The first day at Montmeló was clearly marked by the new pieces that the majority of the teams entered in their cars. Especially in the first session, in which also there was less wind, the teams focused on collecting data and comparing them with the theory, to see if the news was a real improvement. In the second session, the work drifted more towards the tires and how to control the degradation of the same, something characteristic of this circuit.

The temperature of the asphalt was the protagonist Saturday, reaching more than 40 ° C in the classification, something that changed the performance of some cars with respect to the free training. Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo were the big winners of the day thanks to the final two laps, exceptional. But not only they called the attention therefore Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso also came together a great performance to get into Q3.

below, we review a pilot to pilot the highlight of your weekend.


Lewis Hamilton

Friday: Problems with the balance of the car, especially in the second session, where it was slower than in the first (even though he found traffic on his fast lap).

Saturday: Excited about the car, that improved a lot in relation to the previous day. Knew where I lost time with Nico and concentrated on improving those weaknesses.

Nico Rosberg

Friday: Happy with the new parts, that seem to work well. The car is good in all conditions.

Saturday: Expect to be able to beat Hamilton in the output or with the strategy.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
HAM 1:24.611 (4th) 1:24.641 (3rd) 33+27 1:23.204 (2nd) 11 1:23.214 (2nd) 1:22.159 (1) 1:22.000 (1)
ROS 1:24.454 (3rd) 1:23.922 (1) 34+35 1:23.078 (1) 15 1:23.002 (1) 1:22.759 (2nd) 1:22.280 (2nd)


Sebastian Vettel

Friday: Good first impression, although it was not a day especially good. Much slower in the second session.

Saturday: The increase of temperature worsened the behavior of the car, that morning was much better.

Kimi Räikkönen

Friday: there is Still work to do. The degradation is much greater than in Russia, but the management of the temperature of the tire is also more simple. Slower in the second session.

Saturday: Many problems in the third sector, something we already expected. The car has improved with the changes made before qualifying, but the wind did not help.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
VET 1:23.951 (1) 1:25.017 (4th) 22+35 1:23.255 (3rd) 16 1:24.124 (6th) 1:23.688 (6th) 1:23.334 (6th)
RAI 1:24.089 (2nd) 1:24.176 (2nd) 18+31 1:24.110 (6th) 13 1:23.796 (5th) 1:23.504 (4th) 1:23.113 (5º)



Valtteri Bottas

Friday: you Know that it will be a complicated circuit for them, so work on adjusting the maximum set point. Slower in the second session.

Saturday: there was No more where to get, the car suffers in this circuit with so much demand on aerodynamic efficiency.

Felipe Massa

Friday: Made a few mistakes with new sets of tires, so that their times could be better. Slower in the second session. The car is especially unstable in the third sector.

Saturday: Met traffic on his first lap, but not had time to complete a second attempt and was out in Q1.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
BOT 1:25.672 (7th) 1:25.708 (11th) 36+30 1:24.356 (7th) 14 1:24.251 (7th) 1:24.023 (8th) 1:23.522 (7th)
MORE 1:26.186 (9th) 1:26.941 (16th) 32+36 1:24.621 (12th) 15 1:24.941 (18th)

Red Bull

Daniel Ricciardo

Friday: Happy with the day, but believes that it can be improved. Good long runs with the soft compound and with the environment.

Saturday: Excited with the result. He struggled to find the speed of the car, but in Q3-despite having only a single set of tyres – he was able to aunarlo everything to get the third place. Lowered his time from Q2 by almost a second.

Max Verstappen

Friday: First day in the Red Bull. Focused his work on adapting the car to their needs, many controls are completely different to those of the Toro Rosso.

Saturday: His goal was to enjoy and acclimate even more to the car. Improved on each lap and termió delighted with the result.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
RIC 1:25.416 (5th) 1:25.194 (6th) 25+37 1:23.816 (5th) 9 1:23.749 (4th) 1:23.585 (5th) 1:22.680 (3rd)
SEE 1:25.585 (6th) 1:25.375 (8th) 29+31 1:23.719 (4th) 10 1:23.578 (3rd) 1:23.178 (3rd) 1:23.087 (4th)

Force India

Sergio Perez

Friday: engine Problems limited his shooting in the first session. Happy with the progress of the car from the test, but it still doesn’t feel at all comfortable this weekend.

Saturday: Happy to have been able to enter Q3 in a circuit in the Force India is usually not as competitive, which demonstrates the quality of the new parts implemented in the car. His lap of Q3 could be better, but not enough to beat Bottas.

Nico Hülkenberg

Friday: First positive feelings with the evolution of the car, that focused a large part of the programme of work.

Saturday: has Not been comfortable with the balance of the car, but at least be able to choose which tyres to start the race.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
PER 1:27.064 (14th) 1:25.437 (9th) 9+32 1:24.472 (8th) 15 1:24.698 (15th) 1:24.003 (7th) 1:23.782 (9th)
HUL 1:26.938 (13th) 1:25.453 (10th) 27+35 1:24.585 (11th) 15 1:24.463 (9th) 1:24.203 (11)


Kevin Magnussen

Friday: the grip on the track improved in the afternoon.

Saturday: Took out everything of the car, that in this circuit can not aspire to more.

Jolyon Palmer

Friday: Two flat tires at the beginning of each session prevented him from rolling on the track everything you wanted.

Saturday: it Could have been something more of the car.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
MAG 1:26.576 (11th) 1:26.244 (14th) 30+40 1:25.100 (16th) 12 1:24.669 (13th) 1:24.625 (15º)
PAL 1:26.770 (17th) 16 1:25.376 (18th) 13 1:24.903 (17º)


Toro Rosso

Daniil Kvyat

Friday: First day with the Toro Rosso, has been comfortable and you already have clear in which direction to continue with the set up of the car. The main objective was to adapt the car to their tastes, and manage the tyres well.

Saturday: Think about that has yet to adapt to the car, so they could have taken more speed.

Carlos Sainz

Friday: Very comfortable in the car, the feeling is that will be a good weekend for the team. Focused on maximizing the tires and adjust the car balance to the wind.

Saturday: Very satisfied with his lap of Q3, in which he drew everything that the car had.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
KVY 1:26.583 (12th) 1:26.375 (15th) 21+44 1:24.553 (9th) 13 1:24.696 (14th) 1:24.445 (13th)
UPS 1:26.078 (8th) 1:25.131 (5th) 19+39 1:24.695 (13th) 21 1:24.496 (10th) 1:24.077 (9th) 1:23.643 (8th)


Marcus Ericsson

Friday: The changes of the first session did not work and started from scratch in the second, focusing on the race pace. Many laps with the medium compound and hard. Slower in the second session.

Saturday: he Has suffered a lot with the balance of the car from the start, but the work paid off in qualifying. Unfortunately, the car is not given for more.

Felipe Nasr

Friday: Good start with the car set-up, not tested the soft compound. The media behaved remarkably well, both in short runs and long. Slower in the second session.

Saturday: First attempt well, but was found with oversteer in the second, not being able to improve their initial time.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
ERI 1:27.392 (18th) 1:28.501 (22nd) 24+42 1:25.401 (20th) 24 1:25.202 (19º)
NAS 1:27.253 (15th) 1:27.812 (20th) 27+40 1:25.383 (19th) 22 1:25.579 (20º)


Fernando Alonso

Friday: Very good feeling with the car, although there are that improve the grip on the rear axle. The goal is to get into Q3, but he knows that the sabbath will become more and more complicated.

Saturday: Very happy after get into Q3 for the first time, although acknowledges that it will be difficult to get points, especially when you have to start with used tyres.

Jenson Button

Friday: Problems at the first session that will be solved soon. the balance of The car was better with the soft compound.

Saturday: Many problems to find grip at the rear axle, although you can at least start the race with new tires.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
ALO 1:26.243 (10th) 1:25.342 (7th) 18+31 1:24.555 (10th) 13 1:24.578 (11th) 1:24.192 (10th) 1:23.981 (10th)
BUT 1:27.610 (19th) 1:25.893 (12th) 19+20 1:25.051 (15th) 13 1:24.583 (12th) 1:24.348 (12º)


Pascal Wehrlein

Friday: Problems at the time of keep the car balanced.

Saturday: With the new parts, the car has improved, but not enough. Still have problems of degradation and on a track with such a great demand for aerodynamics, suffer the most.

Rio Haryanto

Friday: Shot with the old specification in the first session, testing the new parts in the second. He also worked in the degradation by the afternoon.

Saturday: had No problems, but the car does not give for more.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
WEH 1:28.084 (20th) 1:26.960 (18th) 29+40 1:26.097 (21st) 13 1:25.745 (21º)
HAR 1:29.052 (21st) 1:27.252 (19th) 34+39 1:26.251 (22nd) 19 1:25.939 (22º)



Romain Grosjean

Friday: Problems with the high temperatures and changes in the set point were not as well as they expected.

Saturday: Happy with the progress of the car, which improved a lot with respect to Friday.

Esteban Gutiérrez

Friday: Problems at the first session despite the good conditions, especially with the medium compound. More wind in the second, in which he also had a electrical problem.

Saturday: Noted inconsistency between sets of tires, but in general happy with the progress of the car and have been able to ride at my maximum and smoothly. He was slower in Q2 than in Q1.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
GRO 1:27.258 (16th) 1:25.899 (13th) 17+33 1:24.981 (14th) 13 1:24.716 (16th) 1:24.480 (14th)
GUT 1:27.283 (17th) 1:28.205 (21st) 18+9 1:25.130 (17th) 17 1:24.406 (8th) 1:24.778 (16th)

The decisions of the commissioners

  • Nico Hülkenberg has been fined with 1.000€ for exceeding the limit speedd in the pit-lane at 11.8 km/h.
  • Carlos Sainz has been punished with 600€ for exceeding the limit speed in the pit-lane at 5.9 km/h.


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