GP united States: Alonso: “There is a tenth extra to get the car”


Fernando Alonso has called for positive the first day of the GP of the united States after finishing ninth during the second session of free. The Spanish rider had the opportunity to try all the tyres that Pirelli has brought to Austin, although the most notable have been the different aerodynamic testing and of various components that has been carried out during the first two sessions free. The ninth in FP2, the spaniard believes that you can still find some more performance in a McLaren MP4-31 that has undergone a real ‘dance’ settings.

“it Has gone well. We have completed the program, we have not had any mishap and we have been able to give many turns asserted in the first term of Fernando Alonso. The Spanish driver added: Has been a day of quite useful because in the second session we tested two types of tires. Here we must be very attentive because the superblandos seems to have a lot of degradation. A day very useful, now we must put all the information on the table and take decisions for tomorrow“.

With special emphasis on the different tests
made during the day, Alonso explained: We did not test the
superblandos in the morning
because we don’t have so many games, so we work
with medium and soft. Despite this, in the afternoon there was still degradation.
It is not something that we caught by surprise, it is what was expected, but it is always
good to confirm it. We have done many tests in the car with the aerodynamics,
in the suspension. There are things that have gone better in the FP1 and the other in FP2, as well
there are some tenth extra to get to the car when you put it all in your
site. Hopefully we can be fighting for the Q3″.


Fernando Alonso has not wanted to discussing pianos
the curves of the first sector, stage of a problem during the first two
sessions free: have Always been around those curbs and oranges
it has never passed anything
. Cars are becoming more appendices aerodynamic,
more fins that come out for all the sites and we lost some. I don’t think
that is a problem in the circuit and we are the ones who must be away from
those curbs

finally, the pilot spaniard has not wanted to deepen
in excess on the tenth anniversary of his second title: you’re so
tucked at the end of a week that you don’t think about nothing
. You see with joy and pride the
photos of that day and remember with fondness that time. Do not change anything that is a
date or other. It is only a number and you try to approach the goal that is always
to be the best. If now I am running here is because I try to be the best. We are
away from that possibility because we are not too competitive today,
but hopefully next year we get closer to this position”.