GP united States: Alonso: “We are second in our classification virtual”


The qualifying session of the GP of the united States has left more shadows than lights in the bosom of McLaren-Honda. The radio message to Fernando Alonso in which he stated that ” “it would be good not to lose a tenth and a half in straight lines” joined the criticism to the press of Jenson Button at the moment chosen by the team to let him go out on the track. The result for the british was to fall in Q1 due to traffic,, while Fernando Alonso will start twelfth on the grid, with real options to achieve the points thanks to the strategy of the tyres.

despite falling in Q2, Fernando Alonso was satisfied: We have been close to Q3, but I’m happy also. At the end to be ninth or tenth, out with superblando and that you pass out behind you pass over is not worth it. Today our pole position was the eleventh place among those who are in this group competing, so that we are second in our classification virtual. With this result, the spaniard already draws a possible strategy: “we Still do not know with certainty which tyre we will use it, but it seems that the soft is not going too well here. The pneumatic medium seems to be the choice of career“.

all in all, the spaniard has made it clear that: we will Try to avoid the superblando primarily because it is the tire with most degradation. In this aspect, the soft should be the alternative to the middle option. We went out with the advantage of being able to pick tire. Some cars that are in front of us have a race pace less. The Williams suffer with the degradation, and the Toro Rosso always suffer with the speed in a straight line. I hope that we can overcome these positions and finish among the seven or eight first. It would be ideal. there Will be that work well, to make a very good race and overtake people in the output“.


Jenson Button was quite critical of McLaren, especially with the strategy taken to mark his last time in Q1: “Maybe it was the change of tires and not have a lot of time with the superblandos the problem, although I think that if we had not had traffic all would have gone well. We have had a lot of traffic in the sector intermediate and the last. At the end of lap one of the rivals is not moved so that we have lost much time. To be fair it is a erroneous strategy in terms of the time to jump to track“.

The british pilot was pretty frustrated about it: I Was eighth in FP3 this morning, the ninth by the times and at the end I sort them into the position nineteenth. There is something not going well, I’m disappointed and eager to go out of the loop for a beer”. Without a lot more willing to talk, Jenson Button ended his intervention with the press by stating: “The race pace is good, but it is very difficult to overtake. Well, actually we can’t move forward. is Going to be pretty hard tomorrow“.