GP united States: analysis: the keys of the GP of the united States


The championship is still very complicated for Lewis Hamilton, but it is good to check that it has returned to offer us his best side and has the intention of demanding the most of Nico Rosberg. the leader of The world was committed to his career with the overtake of Daniel Ricciardo on the first lap, and only the appearance of the safety car virtual the paved the way down to the second step of the podium.

The Spanish riders were this time the protagonists very prominent, getting positions that do not correspond to the level of their respective teams. With the help of the drop-outs and a sound strategy, both disputed the fifth place in the last few laps.

The stars

Lewis Hamilton


Hamilton returned to his natural state and dominated the weekend with authority in a circuit in which he has achieved four out of five possible victories. Unfortunately, is not sufficient to renew their aspirations of a title, since the abandonment of Malaysia it is almost final at this point championship.

In any case, Hamilton regained her ability to be quick and the struggling Nico Rosberg to get rid of Daniel Ricciardo did the rest and allowed Lewis to lead the race without opposition.

Daniel Ricciardo


The bet start with the tire superblando provided dividends and, moreover, get to overtake Nico Rosberg thanks to the better traction regarding soft compound that sits on the Mercedes, showed that its degradation was not much worse than that of the soft in the first phase of the race, allowing you to defend yourself in the first stop and hold the position.

unfortunately, the untimely appearance of the safety car virtual blow to their aspirations of being second and his great career is not looked as much as I could. The lunge final for Ferrari will have to wait, but in any case, the australian is proving an ever more outstanding and that already long ago ceased to surprise.

Fernando Alonso


it Is true that the dropouts and incidents of the first round were an invaluable aid for Fernando Alonso, that were it not for them I would have had even problems to get points, but one thing is evident: the Spanish never let escape an opportunity.

And so it was, displaying his usual mastery to manage the tyres, to those who humored me in the first few laps of each relay and, subsequently, to print a rhythm fantastico which allowed it to recover the lost time in the stops. Finally, both Massa as Sainz dropped in their networks, and equaled his best result of the season achieved in Monaco.

Carlos Sainz


Carlos Sainz continues to grow as a pilot at the expense of a single-seater very limited to the mechanistic level. Spanish is becoming a consistency, not only in race, worthy of pilots of great prestige, and the united States Grand Prix was a good example of this. The most notable of Sainz are not his flashes of class, but the amount of them, with ex officio and regularity. This path will lead, invariably, to a computer pointer, few riders of the grill are proving to deserve it more.

Jenson Button


Button had to recover from the disposal in Q1 on Saturday and made it back up to the point of sobriety, but much of their effectiveness. Started the race with the superblando and, subsequently, used the same strategy as Fernando Alonso, making use of fantastic way to get the use of the medium compound in the last two relays. His haul of points is much less than that Jenson deserves it, but races like the Austin show the importance of the british pilot for the progress of McLaren.

The starry

Max Verstappen


Max Verstappen is having more problems than usual to beat Daniel Ricciardo and alternating moments of brilliance with others much less remarkable. Although it was faster than his teammate on Saturday, he returned to lose positions at the start and are fattened too much on trying to pass Rosberg to lose ground in the final stage of its relay, which also ended prematurely.

When his engineer asked him to increase the pace, interpreted that the reason was that, had to stop in the pits on the next lap, but this was not so, and the mechanics were not ready. In any case, the abandonment later by a failure in the gearbox ended up in a state of abandonment, the fourth of the season.

Valtteri Bottas


After several races being the savior of Williams in his fight for the fourth place in the constructors ‘ championship, Valtteri Bottas had to suffer a career anonymously to forget. In the output will be played with Nico Hülkenberg and that caused him damages in the car and a puncture that forced him to undergo boxes and, inevitably, to give his career up for lost. On a day in which Force India struggled to get points, the team from Grove was unable to take advantage of the situation to take advantage. At least, the points Massa would have served to reduce the difference to eight puntos.



For the fourth consecutive race, Haas had serious brake problems that ended up with one of their drivers out of the race. Until now it had been Romain Grosjean the target of the problems, but in Austin it was Esteban Gutiérrez who saw it as the brakes were failing hopelessly.

By a lot of which are problems related to the supplier of brakes, does not seem to of receipt that a Formula 1 team drag problems, so important for four Great Prizes. Especially when it comes to safety.

The dark

The biggest controversy of the weekend was the two overtaking Fernando Alonso was on Felipe Massa to first and Carlos Sainz after. The first of this finished off with a touch between the two, and with the brazilian on the way out. Both Massa as Symonds claimed that the Spanish used to own Philip as a brake when you get past braking but, in any case, Alonso took advantage of a gap and that Massa left free. An attempt of overtaking, except if it is clearly unwise, should not be disciplined never because it is the essence of the competition.

@circuitamericas @MarkHauler Alonso taking Massa for 6th lap 51
— Dave Barker (@ducst) October 23, 2016

Another issue is what came next, because Fernando Alonso extended his line, using all the track, which forced Felipe Massa out of the way. Maybe the stewards saw on the telemetry that the Spanish were forced to follow this trajectory by speed and not by choice, but it is probably something that only the pilot really knows.

Lewis Hamilton cool 50th F1 win @ #USGP. TBH race was boring except for Alonso overtaking Sainz like Mario Kart on crack. Yeehaaaw!
— Herc Williams (@hercwilliams) October 24, 2016

In the second case, the criticism comes because Alonso is out on track in action, without returning later on to the position. But it should be noted that Alonso ahead of Sainz, with the help of the DRS even before the braking, so you can’t say that the advancement has occurred through the use of the loophole, but that is an avoidance manoeuvre by braking too late into that corner.