GP united States: Hamilton: “I have given the best lap of the weekend”


The ninth pulley Lewis Hamilton in 2016, has come at a circuit that had yet to be premiered in this section, despite having won on three occasions. , The key was in his sensational third sector, which managed to outdo Nico Rosberg three tenths, which then helped him to stay ahead at the end of the lap.

“it Is difficult for people to understand what good there is to be on this track, to know at what point you have to do the braking, the curves… everything is very particular. For example, is not easy that the curve 1 goes well. When you get to sss you have to get the proper position, there are many potholes and you have to be very careful.”

“it Is true that the poles that I have lost here in other years have been in the first curve, so it’s great to get here and finally to get the first pole and make a very good first sector, that shows the progress we have made“.

“Here, position is everything, and in addition to that, you have to add to have the pace, marking the rhythms without raise the temperature. Everything is crucial, so I have to say that that return is the best that I have given throughout the weekend“.

Nico Rosberg was left wanting on this occasion and will have to defend his lead in the championship from second place on the grill, with the Red Bull lurking just waiting for any mistake from the Mercedes. Although the German was faster than his teammate in the last two sectors, the time lost in the first was excessive as to get closer to Hamilton.

the leader of The world ensures that its advantageous position in the championship does not change anything and will come out to compete with victory as a goal, regardless of the risk arising from such a strategy.

“Lewis was faster in sector 1, simply, but it was a good lap, I am satisfied with it. Of course, upset when Lewis crossed the line and I could see on the television screen that I had won, but thats the way it goes sometimes. In any case, as we have already seen this year, the classification is not the most important, so I still have lots of options from the second position”.

it Is a departure very difficult, we have seen how they can make bad outputs here and we have proved it even in the free practice sessions at the exit of the pit lane. It is very different because you have to go to fund. What we will see tomorrow, will be interesting.”

“I don’t think of these things, I just center in the race tomorrow. it Would be great to win the Grand Prize of the united States and that’s what I center. I will focus to the maximum”.