GP united States: Hamilton wins, but Rosberg does not fail


The nth doublet of Mercedes in Austin has had two faces
totally reverse to the that can be seen in a similar situation. To
although adding his seventh victory of the season and reach the 50
triumphs in the World, Lewis Hamilton was in any way the defeated
since the british only managed to cut seven points in the
classification a Nico Rosberg who has been very solid and has
managed to recover the second position it had lost in the output.
The distance between the two drivers of the Mercedes is by 26 points to
lack of three races

After adding your win number 50, Lewis Hamilton acknowledged not to be very aware of the figures: “has Always
been a good place for me. I love the united States. The truth is that
I had forgotten that this was going to be the victory 50
. I’ve been here for
ten years, I have had some ups and downs, and many opportunities. Only
I can be grateful.”
A perception that further reaffirmed the
explain that: “I’ve been relaxed throughout the weekend. I knew
that the output was going to go well and has been well. The guys have done a great
work and everything has gone perfect

Although their disadvantage on
Rosberg could well have played a trick on Austin, right
is that Lewis Hamilton caught a career very solid: The truth is that
I just center on doing the best that I can
. Today I felt very comfortable.”
however, the british came to recognize a small moment of
crisis:When I got in the car I was afraid that the same thing would happen that
in Malaysia
, and even I heard a noise similar to that heard in Sepang.
Luckily, nothing has happened and I’m very thankful”.


Much more contentious has been the career of Nico Rosberg, as he explained the own German pilot: I’ve lost a bit of ground in the output, but then I have been able to pull myself together. Finishing in the second position is very good and although I wanted to win here in Austin, it has not been possible. I have come out really well, but not enough to try anything. Lewis was very close, so I have gone for the outside. in The end everything has gone well, although I suffered a little bit because I was missing a bit of grip when you leave with the tire superblando”.

all in all, Rosberg did not lose the peace of mind in no time: I felt very good with the car, had a balance very good and I was comfortable. I have been able to tighten a lot.” The German, who recovered and consolidated the second position during the period of ‘Virtual Safety Car’, concluded: “Only I feel that we have done a good weekend. Has not worked as well for me because I wanted to win, but Lewis has done very well both in qualifying and in the race. It was perhaps not the site in the qu had to win it, but I am still having very good opportunities”.