GP united States: Palmer, frustrated by the attitude of Renault in Austin


Jolyon Palmer ended up frustrated the united States Grand Prix after seeing as his team-mate, Kevin Magnussen, ended the race eleventh to a little less than 20 seconds Romain Grosjean, the last pilot with the award of the points.

Palmer thinks that the team did not act correctly when not to intervene when it came to the height of Kevin Magnussen and, despite being faster, was stuck behind him for 30 laps. This led him to lose effectiveness in the tires, ending the race two places behind and more than ten seconds of the pilot Danish.

The disappointment was the exit, I couldn’t keep the tires alive for a few laps, I suffered with the balance and lost places, the turns made the difference. I paid for it during the following 30 turns, and it is frustrating. We need to see this because without this could have been eleventh easily and fight for a point”.

After the output, in which lowered until the seventeenth square, and got stuck behind Magnussen, Palmer expected the team to intervene, but there was nothing of that.

“Mainly, I got stuck behind Kevin (Magnussen) and I could not do more. During the greater part of the race, I was less than a second and a half and suffering to follow him, damaging the tires. Knew that it was faster, but not (it was) close enough to pass him. I said on the radio, in the first relay, which was faster, but nothing happenedor”.

Palmer was expected that the team will facilitate the recovery, as we had better pace, but had to apañárselas alone and ended up overheating the tires, losing all of option rate.

“I was hoping that we could change (of position) and thus be able to overtake the car in front, I pushed like hell to pass and sobrecalenté the tires and I ended up going back. I felt that it had not been the best decision for the interests of the team, it was much faster and it is really frustrating. Considering that I was stuck for 30 laps, would have been able to move a lot.”

Subsequently, Kevin Magnussen was penalised by the stewards with five seconds for overtaking Daniil Kvyat on the outside of the margins of the track. With it, lost the twelfth square in favor of the Russian pilot.