GP united States: Promising pace of Red Bull in Austin


Austin is a path very complex and multi-faceted that
by the time they have been able to interpret perfectly at Red Bull. The team
austrian has closed a positive day of free
with Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen marking times very remarkable and almost to the height of the pilots
Mercedes. However, more important than the quick time a return has been
the extraordinary pace that they have shown both pilots on long runs and that
it even seems to have caught by surprise to the protagonists themselves. With
all, Ricciardo and Verstappen were very satisfied at the end of the

After finishing second in the FP2, Daniel Ricciardo
was particularly happy: Today has been a good day for us
because we had a good pace compared to the Ferrari. In the batches
long we have been very good
, almost better than in the short runs. We must not
get excited about much, but we should be very happy with what we have done
today. Is it okay to have a Friday like this because I think that my fastest lap
could have been better, but sure Nico and Lewis also say the same thing.
There is something more to find for tomorrow, although in comparison with others
we are doing quite well”.

I Think we have a good chance. Today has been a
day pretty strong. The best thing is that we will not have to change big things in
the car this evening. We are in a very good point, I am very satisfied and
let’s hope that Mercedes will not be a lot faster tomorrow”
expressed as
balance Ricciardo, without giving special importance to the choice of tires
placed:Have come up with more resources than the rest, but it is something that is
you can manage for free and at the end in the race we will almost all with
the same. Hopefully we can say on Sunday that it was the right choice.
The normal thing is that you at least make two stops“.


Max Verstappen has had a day more difficult than that of their
companion, although the pilot Dutch has found the way quickly:
“We tested different set-up in the first part of the session, but we have not
found the right one. Luckily we have changed for the long run, that
we have done with the softs, and it has gone well. sometimes you have To try things
different and many times it works
, although other times not. In general the
feeling has been good on long runs, not so much in the short runs
with the superblando. There have not been so good”.

“We still have to wait and see what happens, because
sure that Mercedes is going to improve tomorrow
. We will also attempt to
to do so, so you have to wait for tomorrow to see the actual position”
explained a Max Verstappen also had time to assess the problems
with the pianos of the first turns of the circuit:The interior of the
pianos can’t play it because you end up damaging the car
. It is a thing that
we will have to talk about in the riders meeting. I have had no problem,
but will have to see that has happened to other riders