GP united States: Red Bull and Sauber, anniversary celebrations bittersweet


Photo: Sauber

in Addition to Mercedes, who arrived as the newly proclaimed champion of the world and with the feast prepared for Lewis Hamilton to complete his tri-championship, two other teams were celebrating at the Grand Prix of the united States: Red Bull, it celebrated its 200 great prizes in Formula 1, and Sauber, which was celebrating its 400. Both teams expected a large positive prize, Red Bull trying to get his fourth podium of the season, and Sauber getting their two riders in the points, not something that happens from the third test of 2015, in China. None of the two squadrons met its goal, and the flavor of the event was bittersweet.

The balance was especially contradictory for Red Bull. Occupying the second line of the grill, and in the output outpaced Nico Rosberg, reaching out to push the lead to Lewis Hamilton, even to lure him away from. They were very competitive, and Ricciardo came to lead the race for seven laps, something that he had not achieved any of the riders of the team Milton Keynes of the season so far. However, Kvyat had a accident that made him leave, and his companion could only be a tenth and rescue a point that was thanks to overtake the weakened McLaren of Alonso on the last lap. From the team of the energy drinks have it clear what happened: gave up while the track was for rain tires.


Photo: Red Bull

Ricciardo felt that he was returning in 2014: “The beginning was very funny between the two Mercedes and two Red bulls. I enjoyed seeing that not away. We were quite fast in the lead and I felt again the old times. But did not last long, and when we put the slicks we had no rhythm. We could not heat up the tyres well, and we are fighting against the brakes”. Kvyat, for its part, points to the same address: “The first few laps were great fun, with battles very pleasant, but then the track dried out. With these conditions we were an easy target for all the world, and it was very frustrating. We were not able to be competitive in the dry so we’ll have to review that”.

On the side of Sauber, they managed to add the two points that gave him the 9th place of Felipe Nasr. The brazilian took a touch at the start of the race, changed the nose and mounted dry tires before the account. Then was able to reattach it, and scored by sixth in the season: “Has been an eventful career. At least I wrote down two points in our gp number 400. I very soon slick and I had to change them to the next round. So there started my career. At the end I was able to gain positions to manage the tyres better than my opponents and I ended up in the points. Ericsson had to leave due to breakdown: “it Was a good start, but I had to dodge a rider rotated, and the exit on the outside of the track I lost positions. Then I entered into a rhythm and I passed several cars. The pace with intermediate it was good, better then with the soft. I finally had to stop the car, and it was a great disappointment, I could score

it will Not be the great prize that most remember or Red Bull or Sauber.