GP united States: Red Bull and Toro Rosso are suspicious of the new engine of Renault


Photo: Toro Rosso

Renault has used eleven of the twelve tokens that still had to this season. So, have renovated a power unit that have been made available to their teams for this weekend. However, Red Bull and Toro Rosso, who have been plagued throughout the season by the reliability of the propellant French, surpassed since the allowable change of engines, and do it again resulting in a penalty to the race of Austin, in which they would have to go to the bottom of the grill and try to overcome. For this reason, the supplier announced that it would negotiate with its two partners the option to mount it, and be penalized, and that the last word would be that of the equipment of the energy drinks.

And it seems that the answer is ‘no‘. Carlos Sainz has revealed that Toro Rosso will not be mounted on the Circuit of the Americas the new engine and, if it is not necessary, nor in the other three races remaining (at least in his car): “we’re Going to follow the rest of the year with the old specification. We have taken into account the values that have been given, that would be another penalty on the grill and start back. The last circuits are not the best for us, but we can be very close to the eight or ten”. The spaniard does not want to take the risk of comebacks that can be very complicated, and you prefer to stay as is: “Start the last not worth, so I’m going to commit myself to the current specification, it is enough to finish the year. It is important to the end of the season, because I’ve already lost many points and, to be honest, I don’t want more penalties”.

Daniel Ricciardo was summoned to the press conference of the FIA and, in it, left doubts about the benefits of the new power unit: “Is available, but would trigger a penalty, and we need to know if it is worth it. I’ve heard that the performance gain is not huge, so my opinion is that it may not be the best. I don’t think we win enough in so little time, and start back supposed to be difficult to recover the ground. Although Renault already looking to 2016, it would be curious that none of the two teams to use the new engine in the Grand Prix of the united States. Neither Red Bull nor Toro Rosso have officially confirmed their decision, but RĂ©mi Taffin, director of operations, the signature gala, has already declared that it would be the teams that would take the decision. And paints a negative.

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