GP united States: Red Bull travels to Austin with the podium in mind


Red Bull lived a GP of Japan with lights and shadows. Although the formation of the austrian left Suzuka with the podium for Verstappen under the arm, what is certain is that the performance achieved during the qualifying and the race pace was far away from the target, especially in the case of a Daniel Ricciardo who had a performance discreet and could not move from the sixth position. Be that as it may, is the time to turn the page and focus all efforts on the american tour, starting with the Us GP in Austin.

Daniel Ricciardo has in the Circuit of the Americas one of your favorite tracks, despite not having the best possible results. In his two seasons at Toro Rosso did not reach the points in Austin, while with Red Bull got third in 2014. In the Grand Prix of the last season, he finished tenth: “The Austin track is crazy, I love it. Has a lot of unique features as the wide angle of the first curve, in which could fit four cars in parallel. There are plenty of overtaking opportunities along the entire route“.

Daniel Ricciardo explains that the path american: “Sections very fluid and also forks, practically everything I like in a circuit”. In addition, the australian also feels very attracted to the customs and culture of the region: The city of Austin is also impressive, I like it a lot. It is very authentic, it makes everything very fresh. The old bars and music venues are super attractive. In general there is a very good atmosphere and I hope that this year we can live once more”.


For his part, Max Verstappen arrives in Austin with the best feelings. The pilot Dutch accumulates two consecutive podiums and in 2015 signed a great fourth position in Austin at the controls of the Toro Rosso. A result that serves to set ambitious goals: “the Circuit of The Americas is very special, because, despite being a new circuit has many curves of old school, although with more loopholes. All makes it really good to ride here. The curve 1 has a large radius and offers options to move forward. Then come the ‘S’ of the first sector, similar to that of Silverstone or Suzuka”.

by way of conclusion, Verstappen says: it Is a circuit very fun to run. I already had a good impression of Austin last year and I liked it a lot. In addition, the people are very friendly and I always feel comfortable and relaxed there. The only part is that they have very good burgers, so I’m going to have to be a little careful with my diet, because you can eat very well in Austin. Even so, I am sure that we will find a bit of time for a good steak”.