GP united States: Rosberg and Hamilton are marked up close in Austin


the fight for The title has entered the final straight. Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton know and from the free practice of the GP of
The united states have been marked to the tenth. With a different path, since
Hamilton has had some problems of oversteer, the end result is that
both pilots have alternated at the front of the FP1 and the FP2, in addition to mark a
pace in long runs very similar to
. Despite this, the feeling is that the
team and therefore both pilots are saved that dose of extra performance that
you can make a difference in Austin in relation to Red Bull and Ferrari.

despite finishing with the best time of the day, Rosberg has been very cautious in terms of the performance over a single lap and on long runs. The German rider, who marked with tires superblandos a time of 1:37.358 during FP2, stated at the end of the job on the track: “The performance of the car has been very different between the first and the second due to the track temperature. It was very cold when we took to the asphalt this morning and it altered the behavior that had the car. The time had a clear influence on the balance of the car“.

In this line, Nico Rosberg also pointed to wind as a possible cause of the large variation that had the Mercedes W07 in their behavior during the first two sessions of free weekend: “Also affect the direction of the wind around the track. I Am almost sure that tomorrow will be different, because the time will change again. It is something that is fairly common in Austin and that means that perhaps what we learned today might not be useful during the day on Saturday. We have much work ahead as rivals closest are very strong“.


Words very similar had Lewis Hamilton, although in
the case of the british pilot their problems have come from the hand of a change
configuration in the brakes has not finished to convince the british: Not
I was not comfortable after the first free
and we’ve changed some things. We have
made some modifications on the brakes and it has been disastrous. I have suffered
much because I had too much oversteer
, but we will change to tomorrow. There is a lot of
room for improvement once that is solved the brake. Then
we will return to the ideal pace”.

also Making the emphasis on the weather conditions
changing experiences during the day of Friday, and at the low temperatures found, Hamilton concluded: “During
the first free we had a cool temperature and that affected the tyres
front. In general the temperatures have been very high for
these tires and that has caused problems with the tyres front“.