GP united States: Rosberg: “In Austin it was like eating testicles of ox”


Photo: Mercedes

The absence of Q3 gave a mathematical pole position as the fastest rider of the Q2 in classification. It was his third row and, with Vettel penalised coming in 13th position, Rosberg became the main rival for the third championship of Hamilton is not confirmed in Austin. However, in the output it lost the head of the race and in the end it made another mistake, finishing second, with Vettel stuck to it. If his compatriot had happened, the party of Lewis would have been delayed at least a week more, but Nico fight with Ferrari for second place, and what remained behind. But neither cut points compared to Vettel he was happy, and his face after the race was a whole poem.

Rosberg explained his feeling with clarity: “have you ever seen when a television program on survival in a jungle have to eat testicles of ox? Absolutely disgusting. Because I was feeling after the united States Grand Prix. The Mercedes was spinning about all the manoeuvre of the first, where he lost the lead with respect to his partner, and his error that led him to be again ahead of time after, and which he thus explained: “I Was about to win and me were the rear wheels. I had never gone”. For all of this, he was angry: “I Was very pissed off with myself, Lewis and the whole situation of what happened in Austin“.

After the race, Hamilton threw a cap of Pirelli joking, before you leave the podium, and Rosberg returned it in a bad way, still smarting from the incident in the first bar: “I tossed also the hat, because I kept the internal rules of the team and he jumped”. Rosberg laments her bad luck throughout the season, and believes that it is as if something prevented him from winning: “it Seems as if someone has something against it for me to have success this year, something invisible, which is very difficult to fight. I am not speaking of the championship, he deserved it Lewis, but he’s not won this race, but I lost I”. You can still be runner-up (is four points of Vettel), and you want to win the three races that are left, without having lost motivation: “There is a new small championship with three major awards, and I want to win it”.