GP united States: Sainz: “Almost I could not believe the time that has left me”


it Is very likely that you touch to suffer in the race for the top speed of his Toro Rosso, but as has been said in the playpen “the joy no one takes it from me”. Carlos Sainz has signed a brilliant classification in which it has managed to get into Q3 for the first time from Singapore with a more than remarkable return in the final straight to the Q2. Finally, el driver from madrid has put his Toro Rosso in tenth position, far ahead in any case of Daniil Kvyat, a driver who has been the protagonist in the day after confirmed his continuity in the team of Faenza ahead of the season 2017.

After finishing tenth in Q3, Carlos Sainz did not hide his satisfaction: From Singapore we got into a Q3 and what we have achieved in a circuit like this in which the motor is super important. The truth is that almost I could not believe the time that has left me and the act of passing round to the Q3. Has been one of the best surprises of the second half of the season. I am very happy because it was all a mystery to see how was the car after only having done one lap in Free practice 3. I Am very happy“.

despite his great performance in qualifying, Carlos Sainz was pretty realistic in relation to what you will be able to offer during the race on Sunday: “I have made a back very good, but you do in the race those times, all the time is going to be more complicated. All in all, the pilot in madrid did not lose the humor and the smile: “Alonso can be everything outstanding that you want, today we are in front and it is not something that we have had for a long time. Hace much that we were not in these positions“.


Of the race, Sainz was fairly straightforward with your options:
Morning we left with the superblandas, which means that we will make a
race slower than you can do on the leaving behind with
the soft and the media. Keep you head down, because we know
tomorrow we can be expensive to have passed to the Q3, although the joy
no one takes it from me

To conclude, Sainz looked at the double
prick that he suffered in the third session of free: is not Yet
100% clear the reason of the pricks
, we have several options to
analyze. We don’t know exactly who has been, so let’s see what happens
this night more quiet now without the pressure of having the classification by
in front of it. In the ‘qualy’ we had to forget about all of this and if
passed, because passed by. We have gone to the classification without fear, picking up
the piano as always and luckily nothing has happened”.