GP united States: Sainz, on his battle with Alonso: “it was clean, we had a great time”


The two Spanish riders competing in the Formula 1 World championship, became the great protagonists of the last laps of the Grand Prix of the united States in your battle fratricidal for fifth position, which he ended up winning Fernando Alonso when overtaking on the penultimate lap to Carlos Sainz.

dropouts Max Verstappen and Kimi Räikkönen, more problems Valtteri Bottas and Sergio Perez and a lucky pit stop, allowed carlos Sainz to be placed in fifth position in the final laps, ahead of the Williams of Felipe Massa, fiandolo all to lengthen the final stint. Behind, Alonso had reached the seventh place thanks to the above-mentioned circumstances, plus the abandonment of Nico Hülkenberg, and his strategy allowed him to show a great pace in the last laps.

Massa spent several laps stuck behind Sainz by the shortage of chassis in the area’s twisty, and Alonso managed to overtake him with three laps to go risking yourself to the limit in a slow curve, touch included. A lap of the chequered flag, Alonso managed to overtake carlos Sainz, with the help of the DRS, in spite of going over braking into the hairpin at the end of the straight back.

This overtaking prevented Sainz get the first top 5 of his career, although the sixth place equals his best result, obtained in the Grand Prix of Spain this year, while Alonso won his third fifth place in his second spell at McLaren (after Hungary 2015 and Monaco 2016). In relation to the advancement, Sainz has shown to be “pleased” by the cleaning of the battle, and I joked afterwards with Alonso, something that was evident with the photo that they shared on their social networks.

“we Played with it, knowing we could leave a little long. I think that it has been a battle to clean, and I really enjoyed it. The first thing you said to me after the race was: “you have a parachute on the straights. You are very slow. It has been very easy that hits you on that straight”. I replied with an insult, something like “son of a bitch, you should not have caught”. Were some laughs, because, in reality, we had a great time. And I am sure that he can also be very happy to get a fifth place with that McLaren. I am extremely happy that the battle was for the 5th position, and not by the 10th, and that it was clean and good”.

The pilot Toro Rosso has explained his strategy for the end wraps consisted of keep behind Massa, given that the brazilian could not overtake him in the straight due to losing time in the curves, or Alonso, the pilot of Williams for his lack of top-end speed, but that the overtaking prior was key to losing the fifth position:

“I wanted to keep Massa behind, because even when he was a Mercedes engine, I had a greater advantage on him in the first sector, Alonso. I knew that Fernando was not going to be able to pass him with the DRS, because it was not an advantage in front of the tip speed of the Williams. I Knew that I would try something crazy like what happened, that maybe you would be shocked and I would be safe. Until there were two laps, it all happened exactly as plan, but in those last few laps I got up to the limit of the tire and didn’t have anything.”