GP united States: Sainz requested to the FIA that unified criteria


Charlie Whiting, race Director and Technical Delegate of the FIA, met yesterday with the riders in the traditional meeting of the Friday of Grand Prix. But, on this occasion, the same is lengthened as a result of the latest controversies that have arisen with overtaking and defensive maneuvers on the part of some riders, especially Max Verstappen.

In the same was tried, in addition to the space that should be left to the opponent, the subject of the motion in phase of braking, something that Kimi Räikkönen and Lewis Hamilton have suffered by Max Verstappen in recent grands prix, as well as Esteban Gutierrez by Carlos Sainz in Suzuka.

After failure to reach a unanimous agreement, it is expected that Charlie Whiting issued a directive throughout the day of Saturday, to communicate to the pilots the applicable criteria from the united States Grand Prix.

Carlos Sainz it seems that what is important is that there is uniformity in the criteria by the commissioners, a matter which the FIA takes decades without resolve because the commissioners are not permanent and will change at each Grand Prix. “we do Not reach an agreement, the agreement does not have to be between pilots, it has to be an agreement of the FIA. On Sunday we will get a notification, I guess to know if they follow the same rules or if they are going to be more strict”, said the spaniard, pointing out also that he does not matter how it is the rule, but that applies uniformly to all drivers. “give me the same (the rules) as long as it is the same for all, and know how to apply the rule equally to all, which has not been the case in many of the situations this year. As long as it is so I’ll be happy”.