GP united States: x-ray: as well faced the riders the race in Austin


The first day in Austin was marked by low temperatures in the first session, and the graining appeared on the front tires. In addition, the pianos of the curves 3, 4 and 5 caused problems in the tires and with some parts of the cars.

The day of Saturday, it clarified things on the grill, and made clear that the Mercedes is still a plus with respect to the Red Bull, which, however, were very competitive. Lewis Hamilton came up with a first sector impeccable which earned him to contain the increased speed of Nico Rosberg in the two following.

on the other hand, Carlos Sainz returned to drill for oil in the Toro Rosso and snuck in Q3, something that did not get any of the two Mclarens, which they see as the impulse that was cut from root at Suzuka does not end back.

below, we review a pilot to pilot the highlight of your weekend.


Lewis Hamilton

Friday: Had many problems in the second session with the tuning of the brakes.

Saturday: Especially happy with his return and with the way that has made the first curve, always complicated.

Nico Rosberg

Friday: Conditions are very different between the two sessions, both by the temperature as per the direction of the wind.

Saturday: Lost a lot of time in the first sector and, although it was faster than Hamilton in the second, he could not recover enough.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
HAM 1:37.428 (1) 1:37.649 (3rd) 25+32 1:37.483 (4th) 12 1:36.296 (1) 1:36.450 (3rd) 1:34.999 (1)
ROS 1:37.743 (2nd) 1:37.358 (1) 27+33 1:37.784 (5th) 10 1:36.397 (2nd) 1:36.351 (2nd) 1:35.215 (2nd)


Sebastian Vettel

Friday: Lost time on track for the loss of a rider aerodynamic. The car was very nervous during all the day.

Saturday: Think you could have done a better lap. The car performs well, but does not have enough speed.

Kimi Räikkönen

Friday: Problems to find the set points correct, and failed to score a good time in the second session to get out on his fast lap.

Saturday: The car has no more speed, we lack the ability to generate grip.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
VET 1:39.988 (8th) 1:38.178 (4th) 15+35 1:37.894 (6th) 8 1:37.151 (7th) 1:36.462 (4th) 1:36.358 (6th)
RAI 1:39.407 (4th) 1:38.865 (10th) 21+31 1:37.284 (3rd) 15 1:36.985 (6th) 1:36.584 (5th) 1:36.131 (5º)



Valtteri Bottas

Friday: Tried the HALO in the first session, the balance and handling of the car were good.

Saturday: The car is better in race conditions, but a return is far from the Force India.

Felipe Massa

Friday: Lack of competitiveness, both one lap and in race conditions.

Saturday: The final result does not reflect the competitiveness of the race car on long runs, which improved a lot with respect to Friday.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
BOT 1:39.776 (6th) 1:39.197 (14th) 30+34 1:38.188 (8th) 16 1:37.456 (10th) 1:37.202 (9th) 1:37.116 (8th)
MORE 1:40.191 (11th) 1:39.281 (16th) 27+30 1:38.607 (13th) 15 1:37.402 (9th) 1:37.214 (10th) 1:37.269 (9th)

Red Bull

Daniel Ricciardo

Friday: Very competitive in race conditions, even at the level of Mercedes.

Saturday: Very pleased with the result, decided to start the race with the superblando because it feels more comfortable than the soft.

Max Verstappen

Friday: Need to improve on the performance over a lap. The superblando loses effectiveness very soon.

Saturday: will Start the race with the soft compound after his fastest lap of Q2 with it. Lost time on his last attempt in Q3 to oversteer at the exit of the last curve.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
RIC 1:39.963 (7th) 1:37.552 (2nd) 26+33 1:37.032 (2nd) 19 1:36.759 (4th) 1:36.255 (1) 1:35.509 (3rd)
SEE 1:39.379 (3rd) 1:38.258 (5th) 28+27 1:36.766 (1) 16 1:36.613 (3rd) 1:36.857 (7th) 1:35.747 (4th)

Force India

Sergio Perez

Friday: he Ceded his car to Alfonso Celis in the first session. In the second, he found soon the way with the set point.

Saturday: A problem with one of the parts of the rear of the car would hurt throughout the day, making you lose time with Hülkenberg in the braking.

Nico Hülkenberg

Friday: no problems whatsoever and very pleased with the behaviour of the car in all conditions.

Saturday: Happy by getting the best result possible and have a five-tenths advantage over Bottas.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
PER 1:38.568 (7th) 31 1:38.512 (11th) 16 1:37.435 (8th) 1:37.353 (11th)
HUL 1:39.712 (5th) 1:38.508 (6th) 27+32 1:37.948 (7th) 17 1:36.950 (5th) 1:36.626 (6th) 1:36.628 (7th)


Kevin Magnussen

Friday: Small electrical problems prevented him from completing the day’s program.

Saturday: The car worsened with respect to Friday, and is pessimistic for the race.

Jolyon Palmer

Friday: Very surprised by the circuit, spent time in to learn it.

Saturday: Happy to be taken out the maximum performance of the car on his two lap-launched in Q1 and Q2.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
MAG 1:41.942 (19th) 1:39.159 (12th) 22+23 1:39.105 (18th) 14 1:38.317 (18º)
PAL 1:42.332 (21) 1:39.455 (17th) 31+34 1:38.528 (12th) 14 1:38.084 (16th) 1:37.935 (15th)

Toro Rosso


Daniil Kvyat

Friday: Tried the HALO in the first session, and considered dispensable. A lot of wind, which complicated things.

Saturday: did Not get a balanced attitude of the car.

Carlos Sainz

Friday: a Day without surprises, the performance of the car was as expected.

Saturday: Happy for which you think that may be one of the best laps of his life. Not expected to get into Q3 after the two punctures of the third free practice session.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
KVY 1:40.131 (9th) 1:39.202 (15th) 16+36 1:38.691 (14th) 16 1:37.844 (12th) 1:37.480 (13th)
UPS 1:40.140 (9th) 1:38.971 (11th) 26+31 1:38.710 (15th) 6 1:37.744 (11th) 1:37.175 (8th) 1:37.326 (10th)


Marcus Ericsson

Friday: Many balance problems in the second session, especially with the compound superblando.

Saturday: things improved dramatically after the problems of Friday and his return in Q1 was very good. In Q2 it had sets of tyres superblandos new.

Felipe Nasr

Friday: Happy with the work done and the progress of the car throughout the day.

Saturday: The car got much worse in rating and believes that they should investigate if something happens in the same.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
ERI 1:41.170 (16th) 1:40.219 (21st) 17+28 1:39.239 (19th) 14 1:38.040 (14th) 1:39.356 (16th)
NAS 1:40.287 (12th) 1:39.189 (13th) 16+28 1:39.509 (20th) 14 1:38.583 (21º)


Fernando Alonso

Friday: a Lot of degradation with the tire superblando, tested many new parts.

Saturday: Lost pace with respect to Friday, and believes that the increase in power traditional Saturday in the teams with Mercedes engine, has noticed. Will try to seize the advantage of being able to choose tyres for the output.

Jenson Button

Friday: met up with a lot of degradation, even with the medium compound.

Saturday: Did a first attempt with soft and, when it was the turn of the superblandos, found a lot of traffic and could not pass the cut of the Q1.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
ALO 1:40.362 (13th) 1:38.801 (9th) 26+30 1:38.452 (10th) 13 1:37.913 (13th) 1:37.417 (9th)
BUT 1:41.663 (18th) 1:38.713 (8th) 21+29 1:38.212 (9th) 14 1:38.327 (19º)


Pascal Wehrlein

Friday: Gave his car to Jordan King in the first session. In his second batch was found with the red flag and was unable to improve his time.

Saturday: Made a spinning top in free practice and lost a lot of time on the track, something important in this circuit. Managed to recover with his last lap of Q1.

Esteban Ocon

Friday: Made a mistake, trompeando in his fast lap, but ended up happy with the progress.

Saturday: Had problems with the compound superblando and it came late to the track because of a nut. In its final lap, made a mistake.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
WEH 1:41.131 (22nd) 31 1:41.427 (22nd) 7 1:38.548 (20º)
OCO 1:43.874 (22nd) 1:40.086 (19th) 27+27 1:39.771 (21st) 19 1:38.806 (22º)



Romain Grosjean

Friday: Mechanical problems and returned to weigh on your progress.

Saturday: They lack downforce on a track that is important and is not optimistic for the race.

Esteban Gutierrez

Friday: Some parts aerodynamic broke, altering the program of the day.

Saturday: Not being able to use the front wing again after losing parts the Friday them down and away from the Q3.

Pilot Free 1 Free 2 Rows L1+L2 Free 3 Vtas Q1 Q2 Q3
GRO 1:40.826 (14th) 1:39.554 (18th) 15+24 1:39.097 (17th) 13 1:38.308 (17º)
GUT 1:40.970 (15th) 1:40.114 (20th) 15+26 1:38.939 (16th) 13 1:38.053 (15th) 1:37.773 (14th)

The decisions of the commissioners

  • Sebastian Vettel is sanctioned with a reprimand for not respecting the bollard entry to the pit-lane.

The tyres available for the race

The chronicles of the Grand Prize