GP USA: Nico Hülkenberg shines before a Sergio Perez with problems


In the Circuit of the Americas, Force India has retained its position as the best team from the rest in the classification of Grand Prix of the united States. Taking advantage of the effectiveness of your chassis and your engine, Mercedes have done it again with the seventh position thanks to the work of Nico Hülkenberg.

With a back very similar to the one that earned him a position in the Q3, only two thousandths worse, the German pilot concluded the classification in seventh. Although half a second of the Ferrari, his 1:36.628 it was a time three-tenths better than its main rivals, the Williams. The future pilot of Renault highlighted these differences with the rest of the pilots, stating that the seventh was the maximum to get, and hopes to have a career of quiet:

“to Finish seventh is the best we could get. Again, we are the first behind the big three teams, which is where we can expect to be realistically. We knew that rendiríamos well here, but I’m quite surprised by the large margin that we have on the cars behind us. The start and the first lap will be crucial for the race, so I have to avoid the problems, head down and push”.

“This evening we will concentrate on choosing the right strategy, I think that there are a few different options, so we’ll have to see which gives us the best chance. Looking at the differences in front and behind our own, we may have a lone evening, but I don’t mind at all, I just want a solid result!”

The day has been rather more problematic for Sergio Perez. Since the free, things began to go wrong for a mechanical problem, whose consequences were not able to be resolved at all for the classification. The mexican pilot signed times in 1:37.3 in Q1 and Q2, but this was not enough to overcome the second round, and take the output from the eleventh position.

Perez lamented that many of the problems experienced on the morning of Saturday fail to be fixed on time, and that the balance in the fast corners had not been the desired, but it relies on finding the way to have a more fulfilling career:

“it Has been a day of cumbersome, not only in qualifying, if not also in the recent free. For some reason, I’ve been quite away from the pace, and we have lost some of the performance that we had yesterday. This morning, we found a problem with one of the components in the rear of the car, which has affected my pace.”

“I Thought that we had solved for the rating, but there is still a problem with the car, because the data show that it has been difficult to match my partner in the braking. The car also seemed to be nervous in the high-speed corners. I hope that we can understand where we are failing, and find a solution so that it does not affect my race pace”.