GP Usa: Vettel will receive ten positions of sanction; Hamilton smacking


Photo: Mercedes

Sebastian Vettel has been announced in Austin that you will receive ten positions penalty for change of engine. It is the fifth power unit that mounts to a Ferrari in the season, and both the German and teammate Raikkonen will have to overcome if they want to get on the podium of the Circuit of the Americas. The four-time champion supports the decision of his team, and has insured that was inside of what is planned: “We will have the punishment of ten positions for a new engine in this test. But it has always been the plan, is not a big secret, and much less a surprise for us. It has always been our plan to have the best engine possible at each point in the season, and I think that our colleagues have done a huge job with the engine”.

Despite the fact that you will depart from outside of the points positions, Vettel does not believe that it is a bad news: “should Not be understood as a drawback. It is a very good sign, because we pressed them very hard, and the guys managed to make great strides in terms of performance”. However, and as reported Autosprint, Ferrari has not used tokens, so the new specification will not be included even despite the change. The German is positive: “If we fijiamos only in this race, there is a great news. But if you look at the whole season, it was always the plan to have a new engine here. The highest priority was to have the best propellant in each race. We have to endure punishment here, but we have made big steps”.

Kimi Raikkonen admits that the plan of the Scuderia was always to use five engines during the season, so don’t be surprised. Who better to have received the news is Lewis Hamilton. With his most immediate pursuer in the championship coming back, the options proclaimed champion of the world 2015 in Texas grow. The british need to take 9 points more than Sebastian and 2 more than Rosberg, something that now seems more simple. That the Mercedes will escape the title of this year is unthinkable, but his teammate and Vettel were intended to aguarle the party this weekend, and to delay it, at least, until the next grand prix, which will take place in Mexico. Your goal is complicated.

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