Grab site and discover, photo-to-photo, the stylish interior of the new Mercedes E-Class

Soon we’ll meet a new generation of >Mercedes E-Class but before, in anticipation of its launch, the German firm has wanted to show us a preview revealing to us its interior, leaving us with a large gallery of images of the interior of the sedan media, Mercedes, and a first repertoire of arguments in the battle against the BMW Series 5 and the Audi A6.

the prominence of The passenger compartment is in the hands of two large screens:

Each of the screens has a size of 12.3 inches and a resolution of 1,920×720 pixels.

family ties with the Mercedes S-Class are really evident in the dashboard of the new Mercedes Class E. This new generation inherits the concept of dual screen, showing a fully digital instrumentation and a large screen for its infotainment system.

is Also inherited from the Mercedes S-Class the stylish air vents rounded while unlike the S-Class we do not find a steering wheel of two rays and the extension of the bridge head on the console and the dashboard is done in a manner most seamless.

rounded to an atmosphere in which perfectly combines class and a touch of technology.

A first in the passenger compartment of the Mercedes E-Class: good-bye to buttons, hello touch surfaces.


The ambient lighting of the new Mercedes E-Class has 64 colors.

The new Mercedes E-Class debut at his arrival to the streets a system of touch controls on your steering wheel, thus leading to a new level to the flyers multi-purpose. Of course also does not lack the controller type touchpad or the voice control.

beyond of these new controls, its multimedia system, instrumentation… we find the possibility to decorate the interior of the new Mercedes E-Class with a sound system 3D of 23 speakers signed by Burmester.


When do we see the new Mercedes E-Class?

For now, Mercedes has not announced when we will discover this new Mercedes E-Class, but considering this first advance and the proximity of the Salon de Detroit it is possible that we know all of the details in the coming weeks.

Gallery of images of the interior of the Mercedes s Class And 2016: