Gran Premio de Mexico 2015: Schedule of relay

GP de MéxicoThe next weekend will take place the first race on the new circuit of the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez located in Mexico city. Here will take place the official sessions of the GP Mexico F1. To be a new track, the drivers will be able to train in their simulators, but it will be a novelty for everyone, in addition to which the asphalt will be green and the teams will want to roll to have more data of the track conditions.

had to hurricane Patricia that affected the GP of the united States is also affecting the GP of Mexico, the bad conditions have created havoc and major problems in the country, and despite the fact that the circuit was already built (in fact it has been used for other categories in years past, even the F1 ran there for decades), they were finishing up some work, as the placement of barriers and some pianos. If the rain ceased to perform these tasks or not is still a mystery, I hope everything is well for next weekend and not a repeat of what Austin.

Circuito Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguezbetween the characteristics of the circuit stands its ground as rugged as it lies in an area geologically active. Another feature that will affect the engines is its altitude, as it stands at 2.285 m. Although the turbo engines are not affected by the height as the air, also influence. And above all, competes with Monza in speed, for its fast curves and straights, for both good circuit for those that have a good engine.

Both teams as pilots should not take too much on getting to the track, but will have to collect data of the behavior of the tires, because in this sense are a little blind, so only have the data thrown by the simulator. I hope this is an encouragement for the show and have another career move, as the Austin, that without a doubt, it was a reward to the viewers for what happened on Friday and Saturday.

Times of the GP of Mexico

Day Hours (Spain) Event Channel
Friday, October 30 16:55 free practice 1 Mega or AtresPlayer / TV3 / MovistarTV
Friday, October 30 20:55 free practice 2 Mega or AtresPlayer / TV3 / MovistarTV
Saturday, October 31 16:55 free practice 3 Antenna 3 or AtresPlayer / TV3 / MovistarTV
Saturday, October 31 19:45 Prior To Classification Antenna 3 or AtresPlayer
Saturday, October 31 20:00 Classification Antenna 3 or AtresPlayer / TV3 / MovistarTV
Sunday, November 1, 19:30 Pre-Race Antenna 3 or AtresPlayer
Sunday, November 1, 20:00 Race Antenna 3 or AtresPlayer / TV3 / MovistarTV

McLaren will have another opportunity to do points in this circuit and both cars will have the new engine proved to Alonso in Austin. Honda is reviewing the decision that left it without power to the car of Alonso in the last race so that does not happen again, I hope that you have solved the problem. In addition, stay tuned, because on Friday will announce Gutierrez as a pilot of Haas F1…