Gran Premio de Mexico F1 2017: Schedules and broadcasts

For more fans of Formula 1, the next weekend, without a break, we already have the GP Mexico F1 2017. All the material is already prepared logistically for it to land in the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, Mexico DF. Is needed there because the Friday, October 27 new start the official sessions of free practice in this environment so fantastic and exciting with a hobby quite passionate. We’ll see what happens there, because Hamilton has another attempt to be crowned champion mathematician of the world without the possibility of Vettel to do anything.

you know that the racetrack has recovered and has been remodeled compared to the old layout with some changes to build the track that it is today, with a total of 4,304 km length per lap, if we take into account the 71 laps which will be transformed into 305,584 total kilometres for the full race. Here the record for back what has N. Mansell in the old layout, because that record was in 1991, although the cars of today are considerably more rapid and as we have seen have broken all the records in many circuits…

we will See until then if there is some important news that I will have and I hope that Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso will go fairly well. Fernando has more complicated, because as you know he retired in the GP of the united States missing out on vital points for the team. The reason was again the Honda engine, so that at the GP of Mexico will completely change as it is broken and therefore it is expected that we will enter the specification 3.8 as the riding Vandoorne. This improvement is almost zero, the pilots do not notice a change even though it has a little more power. Therefore does not compensate for leaving to last as long as you will leave for such a minimal improvement. By the way, Max Verstappen broke out against the stewards and the FIA for taking away the podium with the penalty of 5 seconds, and the father of Max was quite comfortable with several messages in the social networks against the FIA and the stewards, very uploaded tone. We’ll see if it does not impose any type of penalty or fine, reprimand, etc

In terms of times and halfs, you already know that what you can see in Vodafone TV or Movistar TV, in both cases through the channel Movistar F1. And by the way, the next weekend we change the time, so careful with the watches to not have mess and we lose some of session, there always seems to be a bit chaotic on the weekends that coincide with the change of time:

Day Session Times
Friday, October 27 free practice 1 17:00
Friday, October 27 free practice 2 21:00
Saturday, October 28, free practice 3 17:00
Saturday, October 28, Classification 20:00
Sunday, October 29, Race 20:00

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