Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi 2015: Schedule of relay

GP de Abu Dabi last GP of this season 2015 of F1 is the GP of Abu Dhabi. This race in the United Arab Emirates will close this championship dominated by Mercedes. Abu Dhabi, the capital of the emirate, turn on the lights of this track night at Yas Marina. The race starts at sunset and is slowly entering the night without missing the lighting with the huge facilities devoted to this purpose.

The layout of Yas Marina has been seen running both Formula 1 cars, like GTs, V8 Supercars and GP2 for your asphalt. Its name comes from the Yas Island on which it is built. This is a new circuit, so it’s not those features that we love of the classics cirucitos. Since his inauguration in 2009, only three men know what it is to win. Sebastian Vettel is the one who has won, what he did in 2009, 2010 and 2013, followed by Lewis Hamilton with victory in 2011 and 2014. Kimi Räikkönen has the other victory with Lotus in 2012.

Circuito de Yas MarinaThe circuit has 5,554 km away, thus will be 55 laps during the race, with a total of 305,355 km. 21 is the number of curves that compose them and their average speed around 197 km/h, since 70% of the return goes with the footer background. The aerodynamic configuration required is medium/high and achieved speeds are high. The time lost in pit stops is considerable, being about of 21.2 seconds, on average. Remember that the effect of fuel load in this circuit is considerable, you can lose up to 4 tenths per lap if llvan 10kg more.

This race is often characterized by a dirt track through the sand that covered the asphalt in the desert. high temperatures also punishes the tires, and while many teams can go to a stop, perhaps they are needed more for other. And careful with the chance of Safety Car, in this circuit, despite not being the highest, the probability is high. Also attentive to the output, a critical point in this race that can compromise the rest of the race and strategies.

Times of the Brazilian GP

Day Hours (Spain) Event Channel
Friday, 27 November 9:55 free practice 1 Mega or AtresPlayer / TV3 / MovistarTV
Friday, 27 November 13:55 free practice 2 Mega or AtresPlayer / TV3 / MovistarTV
Saturday, November 28, 10:55 free practice 3 Antenna 3 or AtresPlayer / TV3 / MovistarTV
Saturday, November 28, 13:25 Prior To Classification Antenna 3 or AtresPlayer
Saturday, November 28, 14:00 Classification Antenna 3 or AtresPlayer / TV3 / MovistarTV
Sunday, November 29, 12:18 Pre-Race Antenna 3 or AtresPlayer
Sunday, November 29, 14:00 Race Antenna 3 or AtresPlayer / TV3 / MovistarTV

*By the way, in Antena3, the Sunday the 29th of November also will broadcast the GP3 at 10:40 and GP2 at 11:20, a whole morning of the engine…

I Hope that this last race of 2015 will be fun and we leave a good taste in your mouth to wait for 2016 with more enthusiasm. Don’t miss this race, where there could be a tie between Vettel and Hamilton in terms of victories at this circuit, although given the condition of Rosberg, it may not be possible. I hope that Rosberg had put the batteries prior to making a championship closer.