Grand Prix of Austria F1 2017: Times and channels

looming GP Austria at Red Bull Ring F1 2017, the home of the Red Bull team, at least the home of the energy-drink brand Red Bull, as the whole venue technical the have in Great Britain, in the famous factory of Milton Keynes. Despite being the home of this team, it seems that it will not be easy in your home, expect to suffer in this circuit due to its characteristics as have been reported. The austrians say that they are in the pair of the second car, that is to say, the Ferrari, and that they will suffer in some circuits which are motor such as this, or Monza, etc, but they feel strong to fight for positions in front of others.

What is certain is that Renault has no plans to introduce an engine upgrade in 2017 as already discussed, and leave the great improvement expected by 2018. Something strange and that should not taste overly of Red Bull, and of course also to Toro Rosso. You will have specification 3 in the engine will be Honda, now it released the engine in qualifying and race if all goes well, as in the past GP of Europe in Baku only the tested and penalised for bringing back the spec 2 and they do not have to penalize circuits something more suitable to them as this is. We’ll see if those 30CV or 3 tenths that seems to have won are confirmed.

we will also See the penalty given to Vettel by his ugly action in Baku against Hamilton, or if it eventually goes scot-free. The one that has talked about this has been Max Mosley, the former president of the FIA and ensures that, with him, the penalty for Vettel would be much harder. Leaving this behind, we expect it to be an interesting GP of Austria, and to see if our manage to return to puncture here. However it will be a long race with 71 laps and a total of 307,146 kilometres of total travel.

Already know that you can see it through Vodafone TV, thanks to the purchase of the rights to broadcast the channel Movistar F1 through its services, and also by the own services of pay-TV offering Movistar. And so you don’t miss even a second, here I leave you times:

Day Session Hours
Friday July 7 free practice 1 10:00
Friday, 7 July free practice 2 14:00
Saturday, 8 July free practice 3 11:00
Saturday, 8 July Classification 14:00
Sunday, 9 July Race 14:00

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