Grand Prix of Azerbaijan of F1 2018: Schedules and restransmisiones

In a few days we will have the GP Azerbaijan F1 2018 that opens the european season with this fantastic circuit, where the technology binds the story to the passing cars for this historical center of the city and leaving images as spectacular as these. Although it may seem like a street circuit, as is Monaco, what is certain is that this track has peculiarities and characteristics that differentiate it from other street circuits.

One of the aspects to highlight here is the long straight where the cars go to fund for a long time, something that could cause harm to the engines that consume more and also to those who do not have enough power for frontar that long straight. Therefore, we will have a look on the motor for Honda and Renault. However, Red Bull shouldn’t go too wrong here, and we will put the hope in them to see if they can be close to the kings: Ferrari and Mercedes.

the circuit from The technical point of view it is also interesting, with the slow corners, long straight, the ups and downs that occur during the whole course of the turn, etc, we will See how to happen the 51 laps of 6,003 km, which will have to give on Sunday… And as I say in the first paragraph, it’s one of those GPs that you like to watch on tv because of the views it has that make it different. Therefore, in order not to miss anything, you should know that you’ll be able to view the article in the exclusive on the channel Movistar F1, as the only alternative in Spain to watch the F1.

In terms of times, to be in Europe, will be something more normal and don’t require you to get up early to see the action on the circuit of Baku:

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Day Session Time
27 April free practice 1 11:00
27 April free practice 2 15:00
28 April free practice 3 12:00
28 April Classification 15:00
29 April Race 14:10

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